Just the mere pronunciation of the word marijuana will bring out mixed reactions. A multitude of people will not hear of it. The media, public servants, religious leaders and other people in high places are quick to dismiss this topic. This leaves people who need medical marijuana, especially those suffering from severe medical conditions, desperate and without the choice of either or not to sort after its medical advantages.

Before I proceed, I would like to emphasize that this article only approves the use of marijuana as a prescription drug and not for recreational purposes. Some educational facilities like Learn Sativa University offer Learn Sativa College Budtender Training to enlighten its students on the benefits of this forbidden herb. Research has been done and it is proven fact that marijuana has numerous health benefits. Below are some of the benefits of marijuana that no so many people are conversant with.


A lot of chronic diseases subject us to excruciating pain. These pains cause patients to become unproductive and sometimes immobile. In such cases, hospitals will administer drugs like morphine that have are very effective in pain relieving but come with numerous risks like over dependency and even addiction. These drugs can also be life-threatening if consumed on higher dosages. In such instances, marijuana can be sort after. They will offer the same painkilling benefits with lesser risks of addiction and other health-related problems.


Research has proven that marijuana contains elements that slow down the spread of cancer cells. There are some cases that marijuana has completely stopped the regeneration of these cancer cells.

In addition, if a patient has brain tumors and other related ailments, medical marijuana when administered ensures the tumor grows less rapidly.


Just as obesity is a cause for concern, so is being underweight. Chronic illnesses come with numerous side effects the most common being nausea. Like with patients suffering from cancer, nausea is a very common occurrence, especially after chemotherapy treatments. So with the lack of appetite and frequent vomiting, calorie deficiency in the body is inevitable. A little marijuana, in this case, will ensure increased appetite.

It is this property of Cannabis Sativa that also makes it very appropriate for treating anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is a dangerous disease where the patient suffers from an eating disorder that makes them avoid eating. Anorexic persons also have an extreme phobia of gaining the slightest amounts of weight.


Emotional distress and anxiety are a great source of pain. Stress, depression and anxiety are just but a few conditions that do more harm than good. They cause poor performance at work, difficult interrelations, lack of morale and sometimes can lead to suicidal thoughts or committing suicide itself.

Administering medical marijuana ensures these conditions are neutralized. It relaxes someone and gets them to a better mood. The dosage prescribed will vary with the level of emotional distress on a patient. Doctors will ensure few to no side effects are experienced.

If you are having mood disorders and are thinking of going the medical marijuana way, seek expert opinion from your doctor and let him do tests to ascertain that you really need the herb.

If embraced well, we should realize that something miraculous can come out of medical marijuana. Other diseases that can be relieved by the use of medical marijuana include Parkinson’s disease, Hepatitis C, Glaucoma, Crohn’s disease among others.

In order to further understand the benefits of medical marijuana and the correct dosage, please enroll into Learnsativa.Com Budtender Training. The kind of training they offer will exhaust everything you need to know about medical marijuana.


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