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Do you think Marijuana should be used in medicine. Please explain the reason for your opinion?

You may want to give real life examples of how Medical Marijuana has helped or hindered someone you know. We would especially like to hear your thoughts, if you have personally used Medical Marijuana.
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  • Anonymous says:

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  • woodman54 says:

    My wife and myself are both disabled. She is paralized from the chest down. She does have some movement.But no self control. Myself i lost my left and have to have seven back operations. So what i’m saying is each month we get enough medications to dope up a military company. So we have both tryed some cannibus. And what it did was and had better benefits than any M.D. could percribe. I’ve been smoking for thirty five years. And it has never had any adverse effect on me It slows down my pain and completly put’s a stop to all of my muscle spasm’s. And i get around better that the meds i get from the MD’s not walking around in a doped up fog all day. I have a morphine pump in side of my body to help eleaveate the pain. But at 1’000.00 a month to be refilled, i just let it go empty, and went throught withdrawl’s for ten week’s. Now when i get in trouble for the pain or spasms i just smoke a little bit and i set for the day. with no side effect’s. And i get up and get more done in one day that i use to get done in one month under Dr’s and parmmaceutical’s have ever done for me. The American people need to get up off of there asses and open there eyes. Instead still beleaving all of the lies,muth’s and urban untruth’s about a totalily harmless plant. One of Mother Natures Best hidden secrets. There are only 50,000 products that can be produced form one simple plant So let’s wake up and write your congressman. And get this this bullshit law off the books that does not need to be there to begin with.

    Thanks Woodman54

  • Anonymous says:


  • amos says:

    I have smoked with a good friend medical marijuana who has cancer.
    It helps him feel much better, giving her apetite and feel sharper. She has fun, I have fun, and hey – if it helps, then why not?


    >Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • Darryl says:

    I am a disabled person that have been a slave to strong medications for many years now. In all these years I get very little relief from tremendous nerve pain, and the side effects of the drugs that I have to use are far and away worse than long term MARIJUANA use could have ever done to me. I will give you some examples, I have lost my teeth, my eye sight, my ability to urinate normally, not sleeping normally, and the list goes on and on. If these people that say marijuana is bad can show me side affects that come even close to what I have from legal medications I will stop the fight, but someone with a half a brain can easily tell that there is no way that smoking pot can cause any of the trouble that I now have by going the “legal” route. I there for say with deep conviction for these people against legal marijuana to get there head out of there butts and fix this injustice against the sick and suffering people of the world that just want to fell better with a natural plant instead of all of this poison they call medicine!! There must be changes to the law and changes in the way the general public view Marijuana or things will never change.

  • Anonymous says:

    I sit here and I am reading all these comments about why doesn’t the government legalize marijuana and all the people out there in the world that are suffering from some kind of illness. It breaks my heart to just read about all this while our “leader” just sits in his big white house planning on what he else he can do to get more money. I smoke cannabis every other day to help me cope with my 7 year old boy that was diagnosed with Autism. The fact of the matter is that there is alot being done to legalize cannabis. The government is not stupid. It is trying to find a way to benefit from it. There WILL come a time when the government can’t not just turn it’s back anymore. Something is going to have to be done. They need to think of the times we are all living in and if they keep ignoring it WILL come back and bite them right on the ass.

  • Swazi says:

    Medical marijuana provides health assistance in areas no other prescription medications can.

    WE CAN HELP!!!!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Cannabis(scientific name) has NEVER caused a single death from overdose.
    Harm ONLY comes to oil, paper, alcohol & drug companies that can’t compete fairly.
    Then again, thats the ONLY reason it ever became illegal.
    Please stop using THEIR evil word for nature’s BEST source of oxygen, protein, & fiber!
    Did I forget medicine?

  • Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to add , that I’m a 26 yr. old female that was born with heart problems & as I got older , I started having a lot of stomach pains , sleeping problems , & I have the fear of becoming fat . Smoking marijuana has helped me more that any prescribed drug ever has . I really wish that the U.S. would make it legal . I also have anxiety attacks more when I drive now , since my car wreck from last yr. than any other time . Smoking marijuana has been my main medicine to help me through it . And I also have arthritis as well . Anyhow , I just wanted to add that in .

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel that marijuana should be legelised for people that has the eating disorder of anerexia . And for people that deals with sleeping problems & has a lot of pain . I feel that it helps those people . Even the people that can’t focus very well or has anxiety or panic attacks . I just feel that marijuana is safer to smoke than taking pills or other drugs . I also feel they should band alcohol ! And they should do away with dangerous pills they prescribe for people that has anxiety or panic attacks . I can say that from my own personal experience .

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thankful for the opportunity to have access to Medical Marijuana now. In the year 2000, I was stopped and the cop found three joints in a bag in the car. Before that episode, I never had a problem with anyone about my feelings to smoke or not to smoke pot. After that cop tore into me about my being a junkie, etc., I saw a different mindset I still don’t understand. Pain is pain and if it’s helped, in any small way, by marijuana-no matter who needs it-it should be prescribed for that person. It’s a lot easier to get now and there’s no more trips to places I shouldn’t be going to find something that makes me a nicer and happier person-which makes a big difference in my life and for those who are close to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was watching my Wife die before my eyes. There was nothing that the Doctors were giving her that was working. She has Lupus and the worst kind that attack her organs and joints. She got so bad that she couldn’t walk. She said it felt like broken glass between her joints. She ended up in the Hospital several times and the doctors asked me each time if I was ready for her death if treatment didn’t work. This started from when she was 19 till her mid 20’s. I felt there was nothing I could do to help her. She was always in pain.
    Then I decided enough was enough and brought home a joint I got from a co-Worker and asked her to try it. She never smoked pot before and was totaly brainwashed that it was the worse thing in the world and a gate way drug. If you smoked Pot to her you were an Awfull person because her government told her so. She never even drank or smoked a cigarette in her life.
    She had strong morals and here I am telling her as her husband to give it a try. It may help and if not we won’t talk about it again.
    I just couldn’t watch my wife waste away before my eyes.
    She said it was against everything she believed and if it was me asking then she will.
    She smoked that joint. And proceded to get up and start dancing. She couldn’t believe it. She then got mad.
    These are her exact words that day.
    “My Government Lied To Me!”
    I told her welcome to the real world.
    My wife is now 33 years old she has never been back in the Hospital. I haven’t had to hear a doctor ask me if Im ready for my wife to die.She can function and we have 6 kids now. The Doctors pat themselfes on the back like they did something. Truth is we never told them for fear. It is Ilegal in our state to grow, posses, distribute, anything.
    And you want to know were my vote is? Do you realy need to ask…

  • EK says:


  • Keith says:

    I live in the Uk & suffer from ME, Diabetes, heart problems & have had several operations on my eyes. I have used Marijuana for years(although it is not available legally) my pain is easier to manage, no side affects, and those days when you cannot do anything are made easier.

    I have also lived & worked in countries where it is legal, & have seen no draw backs to it’s use.

    It should definately be available for many medical reasons. The UK has carried out numerous medical tests all of which have been positive(even if the results are hard to find), the decision not to make it available is political not medical.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a written recommendation from two Dr.s in my state yet I still live in fear of fedo law. It is ridiculous to keep persecuting innocent people over an herb that is one of the most natural forms of medicine on the planet. What makes the gov think they have the right to stop someone from using a proven medicine in a so called free society? The fact is we are not in a free society and we are headed in the wrong direction.

    I broke my neck when I was 17 and for the next twenty five years I was told by Dr’s there was nothing wrong with me. For all that time, it was the only medicine I had. It was necessary to hide it as much as possible and was looked down upon by family and friends who knew I smoked. Never mind that I did not drink alcohol or even coffee or do any other drugs. All because my tax dollars were being spent on a BS “just say no” campaign and alot of other propaganda.
    All I can say is, it has been a life saver for me and I honestly don’t know if I would still be here if God had not provided this natural remedy. For those who are interested, read the first page of the Bible. If your Bible was printed before the seventies, it should say something about partaking in all herb which bears seed. I can’t think of a better example than marijuana.
    I cannot begin to describe the agony I went through for all those years (and still continue to bare.) But at least it is bareable… thanks to M.M. If anyone knows it helps, it’s me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Medical Marijuana has definite uses and advantages in some medical cases. Chronic pain, insomnia,arthritis , were three instances in my own life. In comparison to taking vicodin,sleep aids, anti-depression medications, i was able to go without pain, sleep well and use only one substance (marijuana). However, it is not a good choice if you live where it is severely illegal. Growing your own, thats the same as inviting trouble and persecution from the federal government. SOLUTION, there is only one, We THE PEOPLE, need to insist our legislators, reform the marijuana laws by providing them with an unending assault of public opinion , especially those who can benefit from the use of marijuana medically. IT won’t happen as long as we sit idly by waiting for someone else to do the job. IT is our government, our lives and the only losers in legalizing marijuana use are the drug companies and illegal importers and suppliers of marijuana. Let’s make our Represenatives represent OUR Wishes.

  • shysky55 says:

    Marijuana is a great medicine in any form. It has grown through out the world long before anyone placed the “Marijuana” word to it. It can help any symptom of disease and can also mellow many a person out that needs to calm themselves. My friend goesto Canada to get his marinol because the U.S. can’t use common sense and get pot legalized. Tax it what difference would it make, when I was really young there was a sign in IL. that read “Man made alcohol..GOD made POT, who do you trust?” I quuess that is enough said.

  • ~*Frisky Kitty*~ says:

    I have smoked medical marijuana before with my aunt who has it for her cancer, it is exteremly potent and I do know it helps her to feel less dizziness and helps her to keep her weight to where is has to be, otherwise she wouldn’t eat. I beleive that marijuana should be used in either situation… medically and metally. It helps both!………(plus, it doesnt promote violence, which is alot of the U.S.A.’s problem)

  • Jimmy says:

    High MMB Folk

    Marijuana IS medicine!!! I’ve worked with Cancer, HIV, MS, Hep C, Lupus, Migraine, well ever illness – aliment – disease – you have ever heard of. If it don’t help medicinally, it helps mentally.


    Tacoma, WA. USA

  • Anonymous says:

    Personally when my stomach is acting up smoking a little marijuana makes me feel at ease. So as far as I`m concerned it has a lot of good quailities. It is only the narrowed minded people of this country that makes it such an underground commidity

  • workerbeedrone says:

    My wife benefits greatly from the use of medical marijuana. She has pretty much constant nausea and takes Zofran, compazine, and something that I think is called fenegren.

    When a really bad bout of nausea hits she can’t hold down anything. Not even water. So she can’t swallow any pills and hold them down. Since Zofran is more than $50 a pill, vomiting up one is too expensive to risk.
    Also the fenegren suppositories don’t do any good if the nausea is accompanied by diahrrea.

    She’s been hospitilized dozens of time for dehydration. When you don’t drink any water for a few days, it happens.

    Then, on the advice of a friend, we bought a Volcano vaporizer and got her a Rx for marijuana. It is a godsend. No matter how sick she is, she can still take anti-nausea medicine through her lungs. At first she used it only when all else failed. But now she can use the vaporizer to stave off taking the “hard drugs” like Zophran.

    Anyone who is against medical marijuana usage has never experienced a situation where it is the only drug that works. And with a vaporizer, the damage to the lungs is pretty much non-existent.

    – wbd

  • Anonymous says:

    Medical marijauna literally saved my life. The next person who tells you “pain can’t kill you” kick them in the shins and run the other way! I lived with 12 failed spinal fusions until I had run out of options for pain relief. For near six years I was miserable. I did not sleep for more then 2 hours at a time. I dropped 50 pounds because I was nasueated either from the pain or the medicine. I could not see the point of continuing in that condition.
    I approached Medical marijuana as just that, medicine. I studied chemical makeup and listened to other folks who use Medical Marijuana.Which strain you use is very important, and how you ingest is also very important. Today there are vaporisers to eliminate the negative effects from smoking. I am currently working on capsules.
    I feel happier today. My pain is MANAGED, daily. My narcotic and sedative usage dropped by 75%!

  • Jonathan says:

    I could explain why cannibas should be legalized period but for now I will stick to the topic at hand. Most people already know that marijuana has been used in the treatment of Cancer patients undergoing Chemo-therapy. Do a search on the internet and you will find countless testimonials from Chemo patients that marijuana greatly helped to relieve the nausea associated with Chemo. Interestingly enough, marijuana smoked was found to work better than marijuana taken orally. I am upset that our current president George W has made marijuana his main target on the war on drugs. Meanwhile methamphetamine is growing at epidemic proportions and destroying countless lives. As a former user of meth, and a current user of marijuana, meth is the greatest enemy. Marijuana users can easily have a fullfilling and productive life, much like beer drinkers. Meth users on the other hand only think they have a fullfilling life.

  • Nik says:

    Medical marijuana should be legal.It is a plant that may have many helpful advicats when studyed.Marijuana should be legalized alone. Freedom is a means of personal choose.A right to harms ones self should be a birth right if wanted. Marijuana is not even very harmful. Taboaco kills and is highly addactive. Alchol kills and is addactive. The govermants greed is astonding. Caging people for a plant becuse they can not make as much money of it. This may not be the most important issue of this genaration consitering war and global warming. However it is a big issue and potheads, stoners, religus men, the elderly, teenagers, and every one should be involved in this issue as this is “the land of the free”. Destroy power not people i should have been born free!
    Sincirely, Nik V

  • Anonymous says:

    i am a 60 yr. old male that was diagnosed 2-01 with multiple malignant melanoma cancer. i experianced vietnomese pot in the 60s. my docs prescibed seroquel and remeron for depression per the cancer. they had side effects such as feeling tired all the time and not wanting to do any activities. i tried pot an it took away the depression and gave me the feeling of wanting to do productive things. i told my docs this and they said that they can”t prescribe pot because it is against the law in my state “virginia”. is there any way i can get pot or temperary residence in another state where it is legal. pot is very expensive to buy illegally here $100. 1/4 oz here and i can”t afford it. i would also like to try marinol if it is affordable. i would appreciate any thoughts from you and your readers.

  • phyllis says:

    I definetly believe medical marijuana should be available. I had 2 back surgeries and am still in constant pain. after my first surgery i found myself addicted to percocet.or whatever pain killer i could get my grubby hands on. it was awful the addiction.after my second surgery im like no way am i going to go through getting weened off them pain killers. my brother turned me on to a joint and vole wow. the pain wasnt completely gone but it had eased immensely.it had eased to the point wher i could function with little pain and be coherent. my life would be easier if medical marijuana was available to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree more research needs to be done, its a trickey subject. Marijuana seems to have helped out lots of people with different medical problems though few countries seem to want to totally legalize it for this purpose. I wonder If Its just a political thing that stops further research.
    Rob – NY

  • Anonymous says:

    Marijuana definitely should be used in medicine.
    It has be known for years to have benefit for patients with many different illnesses. People need help when they are sick and marijuana has few side affects.

    I remember watching a documentary of a man who suffered Parkinson’s disease and how he stopped shaking when he inhaled a joint. Amazing footage to watch.

    More research is needed into medical use of marijuana.