Medical Marijuana for Non-Smokers

By December 10, 2009articles

It’s a well accepted fact tweed-capsuleshat the majority of marijuana users get the effect they desire by smoking.  However, not everybody smokes and some people have difficulty ingesting their medication because of this fact.

There are alternatives, though, which include vaporizing, baking, tisanes and tinctures, and sprays and extracts. It is known that relief comes faster when weed is smoked but the relief gained by taking the drug in other ways lasts longer and seems to be more calming.  It is also easier to regulate your dosage when you drink cannabis tea or eat cannabis cookies, you can effectively take measured doses at regular points throughout the day, thereby keeping pain and other symptoms better controlled.

We had an interesting letter the other day from a lady whose boss gains some relief from his multiple sclerosis by making cannabis capsules.  Here’s the recipe:

Marijuana Capsules


  • Cooking oil – such as olive or vegetable oil
  • Marijuana
  • Pill capsules (either emptied out vitamin capsules or you can buy empty capsules for making natural medicines)


  • Heat source
  • Mixing bowl
  • Something to use as a grinder
  • Teaspoon


  • Prepare your weed just as if you were going to smoke it
  • Place it in the bowl and saturate it with the oil – you don’t want any dry spots but you don’t want it sopping wet either
  • Grind the mixture well
  • Warm it to about 100° and continue grinding until you have a paste-like mixture
  • Allow to cool
  • Use a teaspoon to fill the capsules with the cooled paste
  • Use as required – by ensuring that each capsule contains an equal amount you can adjust your dosage precisely

If you have any recipes or other methods of taking marijuana for non-smokers let us know!


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