If Micheal Jackson had taken Marijuana would he still be Alive?

By July 2, 2009articles

It now appears highly likely that powerful drugs that Michael Jacksons doctor(s) had given him, were a huge contributing factor towards his death. Now the LA police are investigating whether Michael Jacksons doctor(s) have a case to answer.

Rest in peace Michael, you are a fabulous entertainer.

One of Michaels main problems was that he found it difficult to get a full 8 hours of sleep each night, due to insomnia. Getting a proper nights sleep is important to maintain a healthy body and mind.

He lived in California, where medical marijuana is legal. But I think problem is that many doctors do not think about prescribing medical marijuana for someone who is having trouble sleeping, suffering from stress or depression. Michael was having trouble sleeping, depressed at times and was likely to be stressed considering he was about to perform at 50 sold out concerts in London.

The first thing that probably comes to doctors minds is to prescribe traditional medication. Unfortunately prescription medication is often more damaging on patients health, when compared to marijuana. Especially when cooking with marijuana or using a vaporizer.

They may think that Marijuana is not an affective treatment, perhaps medical marijuana could be the answer.

Many people suffer from insomnia and lack of sleep can cause huge health problems, especially for those who have a busy, stressful life.

Heath Ledger had insomnia, which led him to take an accidental overdose of prescription drugs, he never awoke from his sleep.

Also I know first hand that my uncle had trouble sleeping which contributed towards his mental health problems. In the end it appears he died from a heart attack caused by stress, mental illness and the medication.

Several months before he died, he asked me to get him some marijuana as he had trouble sleeping and was concerned that the prescription medication was doing too much damage too his health.

He smoked one bong and within minutes he said he felt sleepy and asked if I could leave as he wanted to go to bed. Later he told me that he had a wonderful nights sleep.

I think the problem is that he did not continue to use the marijuana, it was probably too much for him to handle with the heavy prescription, sleeping medication he was taking.

Do you think medical marijuana is being prescribed enough from GPs in areas where medical marijuana is legal? Or are their first thoughts to prescribe traditional drugs?

It would be great if we could hear from doctors or anyone who feels they can add to this discussion.


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  • This Is It has to be my favorite film. Each time when I watch it I discover new things that I fall in love with.

  • wakeandbakeclub says:

    I think if Michael Jackson was smoking marijuana instead of the heavy narcotics he would still be alive. I have never heard of someone dying from smoking marijuana and I have heard a lot of people that have gotten a ton of relief from smoking it and they are alive to tell about it. It should be legal.

  • Anonymous says:

    Michael Jackson had such an addiction to narcotics, it's a shame to say that he had a dr., a "shady" dr. on his payroll to make him feel alive, shooting him full of narcotics just to get through his day.
    No one questioned his motives until it's too late.
    Now the guilt lays heavy on their shoulders and they look to lay blame on someone to hide the shame that someone in their family was addicted to narcotics.
    Wake up people! Your son, your brother, your father is now gone. Accept the fact that he didn't want help, he was a drug user plain and simple.
    It's a damn shame that it was Michael Jackson. The greatest entertainer that ever lived, but facts are facts.

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