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By February 10, 2010articles

In response to so many requests, we have finally launched the medical marijuana forum – this is the place for you to tell us all about your experiences with medical cannabis or to ask questions about its use.

The membership is already growing and, judging by the hundreds of comments we regularly receive on this site, it will continue to grow.  As our blog is now one of the most popular medical marijuana information portals on the web we are expecting big things from this forum – shouldn’t you be part of it?

Whether you want to discuss US state laws, marijuana dispensaries or registering for a cannabis card – the forum is the place to do it.  We look forward to welcoming you.


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  • Patrick says:

    Does anyone know if mylar is preferable to aluminum foil?
    I see aluminum reflectors on grow lights, but then I have seen gloss white reflectors too, is either of those preferable for the plants?

    • Sandy says:

      Patrick – Mylar is definitely better than tin foil. Foil creates hotspots and is actually pretty inefficient at reflecting the whole light spectrum. The best and cheapest reflector is a coat of matt white paint.

    • Russell says:

      who can tell you how to stop Smoking several times every day? and what to do with it! where can I find my lost will?…

  • Kelly Baker says:

    I am truly grateful to have gotten my card, it has changed my life.

    You see, I am bi-polar, epileptic, and suffer greatly from chronic pain. Medical marijuana is just what I needed to get away from the bunches of pharms I used to take. I still have to take some pharms, but I used to take far more. And I feel much better for it. I used to take oxycontin and used to od on it, now I never have that problem. I am just one happy pot smoker. And as soon as I can afford it Im buying a vaporizer.

    • terrance keesee says:

      Would you say that hemp (pot) might be used to treat addictions to other DEADLY drugs?

      I do not like to call hemp a drug, since drugs need processing and herbs are dried and consumed. I have seen some folks that used alcohol, coke, meth, pain pills, even Klonopin (said to be a VERY DEADLY DRUG-especially when MIXED– several Hollywood types DIED !!! Stevie Nicks was addicted for 8 yrs or so)–because it takes the edge off , helps fight nausea, insomnia, asthma, lack of appetite… and have you EVER HEARD of A DEATH DUE TO POT ??

      It should be legal and folks in jail on pot charges should be released, saving billions over the next ten yrs.

  • helen schwartz says:

    If you loose your medical marijuana card due to getting arrested for manufacturing, selling illegally and growing illegally, can you get it back?

  • Nancie Conover says:

    I live in MD and want to know if there is any dr or clinic in this area where I might go. Want to get marijuana for pain of severe arthritis.

  • Norman says:

    A have so much pain, from my neck,down my arms, my shoulder,my hands, both lags, and both knees, both feet, and I got ARTER, in my body, but my doctor wont talk to me about medical marijuana,and he is one of the doctors I see for these pains. what can I do?

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