72 year old Medical Marijuana Activist

By November 26, 2009articles

I write a column” Ganja Granny Sez, “My name is Arlene Williams. I am a medical Marijuana activist. I suffered with 3rd stage breast cancer which spread 3 times. I also volunteered for what I thought would be 1 hr a week in a NYC aids hospice. It became my life, sometimes 10, 12 hours a day for almost 12 yrs. I know the relief first hand that a patient can get from cannabis use. I was not thinking about the law.

I knew nothing else was working for me. it was an alternative medication that I chose upon the advice of my cancer doctor. I will be 73 yrs old in March. I have no problem at all with total legalization. People have continued to disregard the law for 72 yrs. Its time to remove the stigma society has attached to cannabis. Its time for everyone who indulges whether its recreational or medicinal to come out of their smoke filled closets.

If you are brazen enough to ignore the law than you should be courageous enough to stand up for your rights and help to promote legal Marijuana. Seize this moment in time.  As never before, its out in the open. We need everyone’s support to make it a reality. There is no discrimination in Marijuana. We need everyone to speak out regardless of Age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity or lifestyle.


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  • Joanna says:

    Hi Arlene,
    My name is Joanna. I am a student at Penn State University. For my journalism class, I am writing about the controversy of medical marijuana. Since you have had first hand experience with this issue I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your thoughts on the topic of legalizing medical marijuana and your personal story with cancer and how marijuana helped you. This would be a big help for me and I think your story would mean a lot to many people. Please contact me at jhn5007@psu.edu.
    Thank you so much, Joanna

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