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By November 8, 2009articles

There is a lot of debate at the monet accoss the USA as to whether medical marijuana should be legalized. This is great to see as this is the first step wowards legalization of medical marijuana. Maybe one day marijuana would also get legalized just like alcohol and tobacco.

However there is very little debate on the legalization of medical Cannabis, outside the USA. Therefore I thought I would share the personal view of one of our German readers on legalizing Marijuana:

Hello, I am from Germany and I want to share that problem with the english speaking world: Here,

I think the manners concerning Cannabis – generally every drug – is, in fact, a pure dictatorship. Politician are referring to scientific manipulations, which they change in detail and subtleties to their own advantage, for power politic, and interprete them factually for Repression. Also you can recognize a utopic care and a silly illusory moral.

It is an indurate thinking, I believe like the church in older days, and surely not equivalent to the truth. Morals concerning that are on the same level as about sixty years ago in that country.

Astounding is the indifference and despotism of interpret the conceptuality, first and foremost Repression and Prevention: In truth, by acting with this rhetorical and manipulative ravishment of language, one acquires not the strained prevention, but an enigmatic repression. Nevertheless, this prevention can only reach its qualification under legal circumstances to its referring object!

Prevention is unnecessary with an illegal status. Pure repression would promise more success. As time in the war on drugs went on, politician have taken over an inconsistency referring to their political philosophie of power, which they now don`t need anymore, if they want to give up the dicatorship in the war on drugs as they broadcast themselves in publicity!

It is easy to understand this dictatorship conceptually: totalitarianism means all-embracing. So it’s only right that politics make a 1 of both terms.

As well as Nazi Germany made a peace treaty with sowjet-russia before the 2nd WW started, only to receive personally advantages and, according to that, breaking it in the sequel, our case is a dictatorship with pointless actings.

It doesn`t correspond to humanism, but fundamentalism. Not enlightenment, no, it`s a dogma! Not unitiy, but senseless dispute. Not human rights, but victimization. Not freedom, but German bigotry and petite bourgeoisie.

A cosmopolitan don`t need no power: Under my ass the worlds beauty is poweful enough! LEGALIZE marijuana!!


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  • “Hey I have a blog about the demonization of marijuana and how it should be made into a legal medication please comment and leave insightful reasons behind your thoughts on the medical implications of the ganja. Please leave insightful and comprehensive ideas about why you believe marijuana is a safer and better medication for pain relief etc…. this is a project for a toxicology class and I would like to get the peoples opinion but I have to remove anything that is not appropriate.

  • Seth says:

    I have epilepsy and for 5 out of 8 years now i never had a seizure stoned, my girl pointed this out to me one day so I decided to quit smoking and 2 days later I had a seizure when i came to. She asked me to take a hit I was dizzy and confused but in a couple of minutes I felt fine to this day I smoke not stoned all the time but just a hit will get me going. I think that my chemical inbalance is stablized some what when i smoke the marijuana slows my brain chemicals down and I feel normal again and not like i got hit by a car. There are so many uses for it why isnt it legalized yet?

  • It seems a bit up surd that smoking a little “wacky tabacky” from a glass pipe is illegal. In America the self proclaimed, “land of the free” one would think we would by now be past monitoring the minor indisgressions and leisure activities of its citizens. Compared to the legal excess of Wall Street what’s wrong with a smoking pipe?

  • Crazy Mao says:

    Lada Da Da, hey hey hey, Goodbye-

    A Colorado Republican announced on Friday that he is seeking an end to the medical marijuana free-for-all that he believes is going on in the state.

    Sen. Al White, R-Hayden, signaled that he plans to introduce legislation that would bring state rules to the currently unregulated medical marijuana industry in Colorado. White joins the ranks of Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown and Sen. Chris Romer, D-Denver, in trying to get a hold of what many call an out-of-control medical marijuana industry.

    “What we’ve effectively got now is de facto decriminalization of marijuana,” White said in a statement. “That is not what the people of this state voted for.”

    White’s draft proposal would establish a state monopoly to grow and distribute marijuana. The lawmaker believes doing so would help keep black market marijuana out of the supply chain.

    Additionally, the draft proposal would require any prescription for the substance to be filled by a licensed pharmacist.

    “We don’t allow unlicensed people to simply open up a shop and sell controlled substances like Valium or Oxycontin – that’s why they call them ‘controlled substances,’” said White. “So, why are we allowing that to happen with medical marijuana?”

    Meanwhile, Brian Vicente of the medical marijuana advocacy group Sensible Colorado pointed out that Amendment 20 — which voters passed in 2000, legalizing the herb for select sick patients in Colorado — enshrines the right of patients to grow their own medical marijuana.

    “I think it’s important for patients to maintain that right so they don’t have to go to the government to get their medicine,” he said. “Some folks end up growing their own because they can’t afford prescription medicine.”

    Under White’s plan, revenue from the sale of marijuana would initially be split equally between a “rainy day fund” and a special fund for colleges and universities. After the “rainy day fund” reached $1 billion, the revenue stream would be directed entirely to higher education. Colorado is currently facing a budget gap in excess of $1 billion over the next few years.

    “The legislature has an obligation to honor the will of the voters and make this work,” concluded White. “I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues across party lines next year to make that happen.”

    -Wow the geniuses have eliminated another American job market- marijuana growing. Say goodbye to your west coast hippie growers and dealers. Say goodbye to $4,000.00 a pound prices. Say Hello to marijuana DUI/DWI stops, higher medical insurance premiums, marijuana quota allotments owned by U.S. Senators and major pharma-companies controlling and doing everything for the lazy pot smokers.

    Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996,otherwise known as the California marijuana growers price protection bill to combat the flood of both Canadian + Mexican marijuana results in full legalization of marijuana as a “medical use drug” and elimination of the drug on U.S. streets and from recreational users. Yeah, look at what you’ve won?

  • codt curlonis says:

    leagle lize weed in ohio!!!! I think it should be leagle lized cuz u can grow it like tabaco or anyother crop that grows from the ground. i think it would show a decrese in the killing related to drugs. I also belive that the world would be a calmer place……Leagle lize weed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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