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By October 9, 2009articles

Today I downloaded the ipot Medical Marijuana dispensary app for the iPhone, I must admit it is a great app, well worth spending the £1.19 or $2 US. If you don’t like spending money on apps the free version iPot Lite is also a great app, the only difference is that you are not able to bookmark medical marijuana dispensaries.

It is only valuable for people in the US who have medical marijuana dispensaries located within the USA. Because I own the blog I thought it was necessary to review medical marijuana apps.

After downloading the app all you need to do is click on iPot app from your iPhone or iTouch. It will then locate you using the GPRS function of the phone and show where you are located on the map. Also it will show the closest medical marijuana dispensaries to where you are located.

Alternatively you can search for medical marijuana dispensaries using city, state or zip code.

When you find medical marijuana dispensaries that you like you can bookmark them, so you can easily find the dispensaries at a later date.

To get more details on the dispensary click on “Detail” you will then see the following information:

  • iPot Rating – Out of 5
  • Address of Dispensary
  • See location on map
  • Telephone number
  • Directions to Location This is very impressive as you can see the path you need to take to get the dispensary based on your current location or you can put an alternative location. Also it will give you directions based on walking, driving a car or catching a bus.
  • Share – You are able to email your friends this information
  • Reviews – You can read reviews on the dispensary, although many do not have any reviews.

I would like to hear from anyone who has used the iPot Medical Marijuana app.

Update: From 15th February, 2010, the iPod Medical Marijuana app is available for free from iTunes – look for the Cannabis app and, providing you’re aged 17 or over, download it for free.


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  • clearlyhazed says:

    I just tried using it for Denver an nothing came up? I selected “locate me” which it did, but despite being sorounded by dispensaries here, nothing came up in the iPot search for Denver. This might only be useful in California.

  • You can check out KushLocator.com as well to find local dispensaries.

  • You can look at http://www.TrackWEED.com for a list of medical marijuana dispensaries / collectives.

    Its awesome i use it all the time.

  • Laura Tallmadge says:

    Hi, I was recently approved for Medical Marijuana by the Olympia patient center. I am getting the required $200.00 for my Medical Marijuana card thru the compassion center. My question is: where do I get this prescription? I realize I won’t be able to drive once I start my much needed pain support and I truly thank those in the medical profession helping me improve the quality of my life. Thank you Laura Tallmadge

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