How to Get Medical Marijuana

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medical-marijuana-lawIn other areas of this site we are gradually putting together a list of ailments that marijuana can help and the particular laws for each US state.  What has become increasingly clear, both from the research we are doing and from your stories, is that cannabis provides relief from a multitude of symptoms and a whole host of conditions.

Learning about the medicinal power of cannabis is relatively easy; getting hold of a legal supply of is far more difficult.  In our Medical Marijuana State by State series we have, where relevant, supplied details about how to register as a medical marijuana patient, however, as the sale and use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law, registration is not always as straight forward as it might be.  And the legislation is confusing to say the least.

To clarify the situation for you, we have collated a number of lists that you can link to from this page – yes, it is an extra layer of ‘clicking’ but our aim is to make the information as simple as possible and we felt this was the best way to do that.  The links below will take you straight to the information you’ve been searching for.

In the meantime, you should bear the following five points in mind:

  1. Despite the medical marijuana laws, marijuana itself is still illegal under federal law in all states
  2. You must talk to your doctor before registering for a marijuana card
  3. You are strongly advised to speak to an attorney about the legal ramifications of possessing marijuana for medical purposes
  4. In some states you may be refused a medical marijuana card if you have a criminal record of any sort
  5. Despite the Descriptions of Allowable Conditions under State Medical Marijuana Laws, issued by the US Government in 2002, qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card vary from state to state.  Our Medical Marijuana State-by-State series gives full details for each state.

How to Get Medical Marijuana

  1. How to get a medical marijuana card state-by-state
  2. Where to buy medical marijuana online
  3. Patient support groups state-by-state
  4. Dispensaries state-by-state

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  • charles russo says:

    im looking for a docter in vermont any help!!!!

  • george ramsdell says:

    Hello I’m need of help with getting my owe Medical Marijuana which I’ve got my own state issued card, however I live in R.I. Pawtucket, R.I. and having trouble receiving any where I can get it without any problems with the “Law” buying it or whom I am receiving it from.

    So please any if information or pharmacy to where I can buy your help is very appreciate thank you aka whipple.

  • Whoopi says:

    Yeah, but you also have to consider: A light hearted look at Medical Marijuana.

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