Herbal Vaporizer Review

By January 13, 2008articles

Herbal vaporizers provide a healthy way for users to inhale marijuana. Vapor is proven to be far less harsh on your throat and lungs, compared to smoking. Hence it is much healthier to use a vaporizer.

There are now hundreds of different vaporizers on the market. Some are brilliant and others just dont work well enough.

What your thoughts on herbal vaporizers, please make specific mention to the different vaporizer models?


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  • Vaporizer Review Guide says:

    You’re right, Vaporizers are much easier on your lungs! Thanks for sharing.

  • Vaporizers says:

    Hi…Thanks for your excellent article.. And by the way could you tell me a little about the convection and conduction process of vaporizers? it would be very helpful.

  • herbal vaporizer says:

    Burning herbs is easily the most primitive form of therapeutic inhalation, but thankfully for us the days of ancient man have passed. Vaporizing herbs eliminates harmful carcinogens, smoke and tar known to cause disease while still producing unbeatable potency and flavor.

  • Vaporizer says:

    Hi…Thanx for your excellent article.. And by the way could you tell me a little about the convection and conduction process of vaporizers? it would be very helpful.

  • thomas says:

    This is a really good article, I just recently begun doing p90x so I decided I should probably switch to a vaporizer.

  • Chris says:

    This is a really good article, I just recently begun doing p90x so I decided I should probably switch to a vaporizer.

  • Jeremy Meltzer says:

    Herbal vaporizers are by far the healthiest, safest, and smartest way to take in your herbs. you save so much by using vaporizers over the combustion methods. i suggest everyone check out a volcano vaporizer because they are by far the best vaporizer on the market.

  • Herb Vaporizers says:

    Many internet based stores offers tobacco, heat gun, silver surfer and herb vaporizers in reasonable prices. Choose one which provide vaporizers, parts, grinders, pollen presses and cleaning solutions with utmost quality.

  • Great posts and articles here – thanks for the resource. I’ve tried most of the vaporizers – Zephyr Ion, Arizer Q, V-Tower, Vapolution and Vapir .. http://www.HippieHippieVape.com has great service. They offer coupon codes and cool gifts with most purchases.

  • What sup guys! Yeah vaporizers are the best. I know you can some good deals from http://www.coolheadshop.com on vaporizers and other glass pipes and such. I know if you e-mail them they will work with you on the prices.

  • French Rob7 says:

    I am a proud first day user of the VAPIR portable digi vaporizor. Don’t beleive the hype, this thing DOES WORK! Optimal THC release is at 392 degrees Fahrenheit, or 200 degrees Celcius. Enjoy and represent our NON-SMOKING SUCCESS!

  • ron says:

    I have a friend that uses the volcano, and of course it works great, and I’ve been wanting one for a long time but I just can’t foot over $600+ for a vaporizer system. Im in the flat broke club and ended up getting a cheap tower vape from this place http://www.vaporizerkits.com/products/VP%252d130-Tower-Herbal-Vaporizer.html and it works for me. Its a convection style with a ceramic heating element. Hey, its cheap, it works, I get my meds, I’m a happy camper

  • Anonymous says:

    I heard you take in more THC with the vaporizer. Is this true? Are u getting the best high? I don’t want to spend alot of money on the volcano if I’m not going to be completely smashed lol.I hate cigarettes and smoking but I love the smell and taste of marijuana. I’m looking for a great high with out the smoking. Please any one can you explain the effects to me and let me know if vaporizing is something i should start doing.

  • McDaddy says:

    Thanks everybody for the great comments. I particularly love the Volcano Vaporizer due to simplicity, strong positive efficacy, reliable effect, and very low adverse side-effects. Storz & Bickel have indeed made a professional grade product that works unbelievably well. As a physician I highly recommend this product and approach to medicinal cannabis consumption. Enjoy 🙂

  • McDaddy says:

    I bought a Volcano Vaporizer one week ago. Absolutely amazing. I remember using a conduction vaporizer back in 1997 and I was very disappointed. So I was hesitant at first. Today’s convection vaporizers like that by Storz & Bickel work exceptionally well. After practicing medicine for 10 years, nothing comes close to Volcano in terms of herbal purity, quality, taste, and aroma.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    I first saw a vaporizer in Amsterdam in 1999; the kind where a heat gun is used. I made my own with some modified lab equipment and used a heat gun–it worked OK, but it seemed as if some of the vapor escaped. Sandwiching the cannabis between 2 screens was kind of a pain too.
    Then I bought a Volcano and I love it! Being able to set the temperature is an advantage. Nothing is being burned, so there are no noxious chemicals being inhaled. I put a small amount in the filling chamber, and between fillings of the bag I remove the upper screen and move the cannabis around a bit. I can fill the bag up 4 or 5 times with a pretty small amount of cannabis (very kind to my stash!) and it tastes great. Anothe big plus–no reeking from smoke because there is no smoke. I wish they would invent a battery powered one so it would be more portable. Vaporizing is the way to go, especially for medical uses.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I use the Vapir One, works perfect!

  • lilmskeys says:

    I have been a user of marijuana off and on for many years and I changed over to vaporizing last year when a friend turned me on to it, and I haven’t smoked but once or twice since. My lungs can’t take it anymore as now I am a regular user needing larger amounts daily to aleviate the ills I deal with from “my story”…everyone has a story and I don’t get into it unless someone wants to know and asks me. I’m no one special but I am a good person to know. I’ve raised great kids, accomplished some great things in my music career, still working on that one too and I just feel good about myself and am sovereign which is the way it is supposed to be in America, hah! I won’t go there. Back to vaping though. The way I do it because it’s the only way I can afford it is to buy a bong that has a good sized stem (large bowl) and buy yourself a heating gun. I’ve bought one at Home Depot for 50.00 and another oe at Lowes for half that and like it better. It’s not as heavy as the other one and you don’t need all those high temperatures because you don’t want to vap your weed to hot, it will just burn it. It takes a little practice but once you get it down it’s awesome. Oh and don’t put water in your bong ok? The water soaks up some of your THC…it also tastes soooo good. You get the real flavor that you are supposed to enjoy as well.
    No joke, I gotta go toke, so hope to see more posts on this.

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