Everything You Need To Know About Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer is an impressive piece of equipment that any vaper would be lucky to have, and if that’s you then great! If not, then treat yo’self – you deserve it! The Arizer Solo 2 has supreme vapor quality and rapid heat-up time so there’s not waiting around to get your session started. With the Solo 2 you also don’t need to worry about the battery restricting the length of your session because it’s long and luxurious, and with full digital display and control the fate of your session is all in your hands. But remember, with great vaping power comes great vaping responsibility, and this one is just too delicious not to share; with your friends, with your family, basically if they’re on your list of favourite people (aged over 18), you’ll want them to share in this pure delight. And I don’t mean just like a nice burger after a good night on the town, I’m talking your favourite meal, in your favourite restaurant, on your birthday..with bells on..and sparklers. Like fireworks for your tastebuds, in a good way. The convection heating system and glass vapor path provide the most luscious flavoursome vapor. You may find that the first is a little wispy if the Solo 2 is still heating up but once it reaches your chosen temperature each hit will be thick, tasty and super satisfying.


What You See is What You Get

…and what you see is a total beaut! The Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer is a wonderfully designed vape inside and out. In place of the Solo’s seven coloured lights display indicating the temperature level, the latest version has a bright, clear digital display. This is perfect for those of us who may struggle with remembering what each of the light combos actually means. And as much as we like the brain training aspect of it all, it’s nice to have a clear, easy-to-read display telling us exactly what’s happening. The buttons at the side of the display also allows for degree by degree adjustment of the temperature setting, which is a level of control we haven’t seen with an Arizer product before. There’s a handy beep function that lets you know when the vape has been turned on or off and it comes with a belt clip carrying case so you’ll always have your trusty Arizer Solo 2 to hand for those vape-mergencies. The Solo 2 is slimmer than its predecessor so it feels more comfortable in the hand and while still not totally pocket friendly, it’s a step in the right direction.


It seems Arizer have brought us a semi-portable vape with a focus on the production of high volumes of high-quality vapour, rather than ultimate portability. The biggest threat to enjoying you Arizer Solo 2 out and about is the glassware. Although the vape unit itself is incredibly rugged (and handsome) and the glass is of borosilicate variety, which is some of the strongest you can get, glass is glass and will break if abused or dropped so be careful!


Its Getting Hot in Here..

But it’s ok, you’re in complete control! The Arizer Solo 2 will happily support whatever temperature between 50°C and 220°C you choose to vape at, and with controls that allow you to adjust in both 10° and 1° increments, you truly are in complete control of your session. Both the Arizer Air and original Solo offered a maximum temperature of 210°C, so fans of bigs clouds of lovely thick vapour will appreciate this 10° extension on the upper limit. Although it doesn’t sound like much, trust us, you’ll see that it makes all the difference in Vapeland (where you can’t see a thing, but the air tastes amazing). Another massive improvement you’ll love with the Arizer Solo 2 is its super fast heat up time of less than 30 seconds. Of course, it depends what temperature you’re trying to achieve and the lower the temperature required, the less time it will take to achieve but overall this makes for less waiting around and means you can get started without delay!


All Paths Lead to Arizer

Arizer are well known for their excellent manufacturing quality making their products efficient and reliable, and the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer is no exception. The hybrid convection/conduction heating produces a quality of vapour that is their best yet, even at the highest of temperatures. The Solo 2 sports a stainless steel oven and ceramic heating element which is the same as the original format that has been kept because it’s the perfect set-up to create the unrivalled purity of flavour that Arizer fans are used to. For the same reason the aroma tube designs have been kept the same – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The herbs are loaded into the base of the aroma tube, and the tube then inserted into the oven meaning that the heat does not come into direct contact with the herbs themselves. This eliminates the possibility of contamination of the vapor and also means for more even vaporization of your herbs in general.


Long Live the Arizer Solo 2 Battery

The Arizer Solo 2 has double the battery life of that which came before – a very generous 3 hours. This is one of the longest last portable vapes n the market so the Solo 2 really is in the running with the leaders in the market. The battery life is aided by the automatic shut-off which  you can set to activate at any time between 5-15 minutes. If you’re not finished your session by the time this comes around then clicking your heels three times and pressing the power button will soon get you back to where you want to be (heel clicking optional). The Arizer Solo 2, party animal that it is, is also totally up for vaping while charging as long as you give it a 5 minute head start to get psyched up for the sesh!



Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Out of Your Arizer Solo 2


Tamp Down for Taste

The Arizer Solo 2 keeps the focus on what’s important – vapour quality and taste. So on that note  we think it’s important that you know – no matter how you load the stem, it’s important to tamp down the herbs so that they are below the edge of the chamber. They should be compact but not squished, and try to keep the herb from touching the bottom of the oven or it will singe and affect your flavour.


Hey You, Get Off of my Cloud

Do you like wispy clouds to get your session started, or are you the go big clouds or go home kind of vaper? Well the Arizer Solo 2 provides you with two options to get started with. If you like tastier, wispy clouds to get you into the vaping state of mind (and lung), insert the stem with your packed herb after the vape is heated and ready. If you prefer the bigger puffs, put your loaded stem into the Solo 2 while it is heating up. The extra time the herb spends in the oven means thicker clouds, and there’s always the option of placing the loaded stem in at any time while the vape heats up to achieve some middling cloudage. Remember though, this is just to get you started. Once the vape has reached the chosen temperature and you’ve taken a few draws, the herb will heat also and all your puffs will all end up the same density.


Pack Light (No Kitchen Sinks)

The airflow with the Arizer Solo 2 has been opened up compared to the original so it the packing that makes the most difference when vaping with it. Pack less if you want your draws to be more free flowing and you still find your hits too restricted you can lift up the stem just a touch so it’s not touching the bottom of the bowl.


Stir your Coffee, Not Your Solo 2

You shouldn’t need to stir the bowl during a session to get the most of out of your herb. If you do, the herb may be packed too tightly so try adding less next time. We find that if it isn’t packed solid, the Arizer Solo 2 should cook your herb evenly without needing to stir at all!


Straighten Up and Vape Right

The best advice you can follow with any vaporizer to keep it performing up to scratch is to clean it regularly. This will keep any gunk from building up and keep your vapour tasting delicious. The Arizer Solo 2 is fairly low maintenance as vapes go. You should remove the stem after each session so that the oven doesn’t get dirty, and blow or brush out any herb in both the bowl and stem. The longer these herbs sit in your vape, the more they will start to smell and it’ll be harder to clean. We found the herb chamber needs cleaning only very occasionally, but if and when you need to just brush out any crumbs and wipe with a little isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry fully before using again.



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