Effects of Marijuana on your long term Health

By October 14, 2009articles

The main effects of marijuana on your health are:

  • Respiratory problems similar to that of regular smokers. Researchers say that smoking 1 joint of marijuana is equivalent to smoking 5 cigarettes. Although personally I find this hard to believe, often researchers tests are flawed. Although when you inhale smoke into your lungs it is going to cause some irritation and or damage to the lungs.
  • Negative affect on the heart, when smoking your heart beats faster putting you at increase risk of a heart attack. Once again I may be biased, but I think it is highly unlikely to have a heart attack because of smoking marijuana. It has never been proven that anyone has died from using marijuana.
  • Marijuana affects the brain, we all know that marijuana has short terms affects on the brain based on the way people act when they are stoned. However some people believe that smoking marijuana kills brain cells, similar to when you drink alcohol. Although there are cannabinoid receptors which are stimulated when you smoke marijuana. After the marijuana affects have worn off, the brain returns to normal.

I smoke about 2 to 3 joints of marijuana most days of my life and feel that this is an acceptable level, although I do not smoke cigarettes. As I am able to build a successful career, spend time with my friends and family and spend quality time with my girlfriend. I feel that I am a productive member of society who tries to help people wherever possible.

Although my girlfriend thinks this is excessive and highly damaging on my health. I can appreciate her point of view as she has never smoked marijuana and marijuana has a negative image in many societies.

I’m happy whether I smoke marijuana and if I don’t I am also happy. Although I do enjoy the feeling of being stoned and it gives me a release from a very busy lifestyle.

Please watch this smoking marijuana versus smoking ciggaretes video, it will help you to make up your own mind as to the effects of marijuana on your long term health.

Often I have wondered about the potential damage that smoking marijuana regularly for many years has on my health, especially on my respiratory system

I was pleasantly surprised when my doctor told me that my lungs were in excellent condition, he was shocked when I told him that I smoked marijuana on a regular basis. Also  when I got my lungs tested at the gym, they said they my lungs were very strong and they would be very surprised if I smoked.

Maybe I am just blessed with good genes or the health of my respiratory system will worsen in the long term future. If 1 joint is equivalent to 5 cigarettes, I am affectively smoking 10 to 15 cigarettes a day which is quite a lot. Therefore you would expect that I should be experiencing respiratory problems, fortunately I am not besides some colds.

Also I think it is best that anyone who smokes marijuana on a regular basis, considers using a vaporizer.

How damaging is smoking marijuana regularly on your long term health?


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