Drug addiction treatment and Medical Cannabis

By December 2, 2009articles

Recently I watched a heart breaking video about a 32 year old man who was a drug addict. He was addicted to Heroin and seemed like he was a kind man who loved his family.

His name is Ben and it seems that he was a good person who lost his way in life. I think most of us have felt lost at some stage in their life. It is sad that he went from alcohol and soft drugs for example marijuana to the stage where he was addicted to Heroin by the time he was 20.

Ben loved the art of creating compelling, high quality films and at one stage worked in the film industry. Hence we are able to show a documentary he made about his drug addiction problem.

Like many heroin addicts he tried so hard to stop drug addiction and get off of heroin. However it proved to be very difficult for Ben to stop taking Heron, his goal was to stop taking Heroin for 5 days whilst living with his parents. Then he would be allowed to enter a professional, drug rehab program, which would help him stop taking Heroin.

There was an interesting point in the movie where Ben was struggling to go 5 days without taking Heroin. So he suggested to his mother that he should use marijuana to help him go the 5 days without Heroin. The mother got upset and refused his request.

This made me think whether medical marijuana should be used to help drug addicts, stop taking hard drugs. Or would it only make the situation worse, as there is the potential to become addicted to 2 different drugs?

Ben’s mother said no to using cannabis to help her son get off of Heroin, do you think this was right the decision?

I think she said no because she hated all drugs and thought that her son would just get addicted to another drug.

Please watch the video “Ben a diary of a Heroin addict”, it was shown on a major television channel in the UK. However this video may be too upsetting for some our visitors, please do not watch this video if you feel you would be offended.

Also do no watch the video if you are less than 18, as the content is not appropriate for people under this age.


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  • the dro man says:

    Using a drug to stop using another drug doesnt help you a bit. It will ultimately put you in the same situation you are trying to get out of.

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