Does Marijuana Kill People?

By March 22, 2009articles

It has never been proven that marijuana has killed anyone
, although smoking herbs can cause cancer. So if you like marijuana or use it for medical reasons, it is a good idea to consume marijuana in a healthy way. Therefore cooking with marijuana or using a vaporizer makes sense.

The following are the annual causes of death in the USA:

Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity365,000
Microbial Agents75,000
Toxic Agents55,000
Motor Vehicle Crashes26,347
Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs32,000
Incidents Involving Firearms29,000
Sexual Behaviors20,000
All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect17,000
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin7,600

But marijuana still has a bad reputation with many people and alcohol is accepted in most societies. This may be due to the fact that most people refer to marijuana as a drug and alchol not as a drug.

The following is a true story, which demonstrates marijuana has a bad reputation:

Recently I was at a party in London and asked the host whether it was ok if I smoked a joint, she was happy for me to do so. After have a couple of drags I offered a girl a smoke of the spliff, she said marijuana was evil and therefore she did not want a toke.

It does not bother me if people choose not to smoke marijuana, but I was curious as to why she was so anti marijuana, so I asked her why she hated cannabis.

I was then surprised when she then told me that a friend of hers who used to smoke quite a bit of pot had died from smoking marijuana.

She explained that her female friend had died from a brain haemorrhage. She believed that THC had built up so much that a clot formed in her brain which subsdequently killed her. Unfortunately peope die from brain haemorrhages but it has nothing to do with smoking marijuana.

I explained to her that I owned and that it has never been proven that anyone has died as a direct result of using marijuana. She was no prepared to have a debate, so I let it go as I did not want to upset her.

Why do you think marijuana has such a bad reputation?


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  • FrdmLvr says:

    FYI…contrary to the statement at the top of your article, it has never been proven that smoking marijuana causes cancer. Emphasima yes, but not cancer. As a matter of fact there are tons of studies that prove that Marijuana actually kills cancer cells. Watch the video “What if Cannabis cured Cancer?”.

    • Pip says:

      To reply to a previous comment by someone. I’ve actually looked into a study on marijuana causing emphysema. It was a study with around 130 people I believe. It was shown that marijuana left behind no signs of emphysema, as compared to cigarettes, which did. Whether or not you get it from smoking the ganja is up to the future, but I don’t see it happening unless it becomes manufactured by big companies and has added chemicals. I think that if you do see emphysema in a frequent toker, you should also look at their tobacco habits to make a final judgement. I don’t have a link to the article that I found that information on, but you’re more than welcome to look into it yourself.

  • Sammy says:

    Indeed, if the government legalized cannabis they could still make their money from it; taxes, cops could make their quotas by giving out more DUI’s, therefore helping our economy even further.

    True, I smoke for health reasons, but would do it anyway, I’m a productive, functioning, contributing member of our society and this is since picking up the pipe again, have become this!!!

    So, puff, puff, puff away and here’s to a healthy mind, body and social economy!!
    Happy 4th!

  • Barry says:

    Hell No Marijuana hasnt killed 1 person in its should be legalized..some people live with horrible pain and marijuana just helps the pain. Alcohol and over-the-counter prescription drugs kill more ethan marijuana..LEGALIZE IT!!

  • Pamela says:

    I have been smoking Marijuana for 39 years now!

    I have been checked out by many Doctors and had several x-rays & MRI’s. They all have said that my lungs and health are GREAT! I use it for severe pain instead of strong pain pills! Smoking a joint when I am in pain makes me feel much better and I sleep like a baby. When I don’t smoke I can’t sleep because I am in so much pain!

    I agree with Cristy above, the Government should legalize Marijuana!!! The sales tax alone would eliminate the deficit we have! It would also stop most of the corruption in dealing with cultivation, distribution and possession. The Bible says (in Genesis) that GOD put forth herb for the use of man!! It isn’t changed or altered in any way, just dried and smoked! Who knows more than GOD????

  • nate penwell says:

    I think it’s funny how people go to AA & NA classes and on their breaks, they go smoke a cigarette. How is that NOT a drug to stay away from?

    Someday, hopefully in my era…Marijuana will be legalized…but really do we want the government to put all the harmful stuff in it like they do cigarettes? Remember tobacco is natural too, till they get their hands on it, because they will. Then when it’s legal, we will complain that it was better stuff when it was illegal…lol We can’t win…so til then…Amsterdam is my Heaven! Someday I will go there and see how society could really be, oh to dream.

  • just me says:

    The fact that cannabis is not legal shows the ignorance of our society. Until society as a whole opens their eyes and does not discriminate based on personal choice, we will never come out of this hole, a hole that has been dug for many years.

  • John Dorian says:

    Dude thats true, many people do not believe cigarettes or alcohol to be any type of drug. I have met people who hate marijuana because its a “drug”. I then explained to them that cigarettes and alcohol are both considered drugs. Yet they are so close minded they will not listen. Can you believe how ignorant and rude some people are?

    • Adrian says:

      I agree completely some people just have it in their head that smoking marijuana will kill you eventually and make you into a lazy scum bag. I cannot stand people like this but it makes me even more angry when i see grub fuck heads who are completely open about their drug use (and who probably smoke less then me to begin with cuz their poor).

      It just makes me mad knowing that people look at them and instantly stereotype stoners as being bad, untrustworthy, low lifes when in reality they have no clue that the upright, honest person smokes too they’re just not loud about it. In fact i know a man who goes to my church who is in the worship band.

      I’m friends with his grandson and had absolutely no idea he smoked until my friend told me. Not even my dad, the pastor of the church, knew that he smoked. A sixty some year old guy! Now if a person is an alcoholic or is addicted to some other drug, people know it no doubt.

      Simply the fact that he’s kept it a secret for so many years shatters the myth that marijuana effects your life in as big of a way as above the influence or other anti marijuana organizations say it does. People need to wake up and consider the thousands of uses for marijuana and for fucks sake stop lying about how bad it is. When people are more accepting of alcohol and tobacco it really disturbs me.

      Look how many people die from just both of those! Hundreds of thousands of people! Weed alone has killed no one and will never kill anyone. fuck above the influence, fuck health teachers, fuck ne one who thinks bad about people who smoke, fuck everyone who is against weed period.

      You’re a fool if you are and you need to get your head out of dirt. Weed is God’s way of saying, “Here you go mankind, smoke this instead of doing these drugs…trust me it won’t hurt you. Ever…Enjoy. 🙂

      • Jeff says:

        Thats what i’m saying i’m only 15 and have smoked regularly since I was 12 and so have alot of people in my school. But there are people who insist that it will kill you or give you cancer. Like someone said up obove they give it to people who have cancer! not just for the pain either. Scientists proved that it kills cancer cells. If marijuana was legalized they would put more drugs in it to keep us addicted such as nicotine and it would be bad for us so if the government should make marijuana legal to buy and sell by the people who grow it. If they’re worried about taxing it why not do that.

        • Gareth says:

          Jeff and FrdmLvr, you’re missing the point, it’s smoking that kills, not marijuana. Inhaling the fumes from any combusted organic matter is going to be bad for your lungs. All of the stats about marijuana and health are based on ingestion of marijuana, not smoking it. Smoking is one of the least efficient and potentially harmful delivery methods for weed. It’s just so damned nice though!

  • Extreme says:

    Yes. Marijuana kills people. Marijuana is evil. It’s the devil.

    Cannabis on the other hand is ok. Free of stereotypes, urban myths and folklore. All organic cannabis. delete the word marjuana from your vocabulary unless you are talking about pop culture icons or something stupid.

  • cristy says:

    Marijuana is Gods gift to us, I think that legalizing bud & taxing it would get our economy out of the hole its in. Its a natural heeling herb too. It would help people with health issues, who knows it may be the cure to cancer lol. LEGALIZE IT.

  • wuera says:

    marijuana should be lagalized, 420 blaze it!!!!!!!!

  • Eduardo says:

    @punka: Anyone can die off smoking a cigarette if they are allergic to it. It’s relative, you were not very lucky and that sucks. Of course it’s dangerous the first time as it’s a risk, but besides that, I don’t think there’s much danger.

    I recommend the film/documentary “The Union”. It shows why people have a bad impression about marijuana, talks about the whole story since back in the day. Media, politics, laws… Most people can’t be arsed reading an article on weed just because “it’s been proven bad”, because the media imposed that (at least here in Brazil). The big guys involved in the subject have the power of what comes out to the open, what people read and watch on the television. It’s a hard siuation that has been changing quite significantly over the past years.

    Governments should definitely focus on other drugs which make you rather dependent. It’s been proven that weed smoking is a habit that can be discontinued.

  • Alisha says:

    Can I get some help yall? Here’s the situation: I am a single mother of 3, a full time student transferring to a University soon, involved in student government, i work full time, i’m a business owner, and i have The Department of Childrens and Family Services on my ass about smoking marijuana.

    This lady tells me that I need to attend a drug treatment program…..I said yea right! I just recently covered my ass by getting a marijuana card for the anxiety that i have been recently been attending therapy for…..soooo im confused and angry. What should i do?

  • I’ve been toking for a while now and i’ve seen the pros of pot and how harmless it is. rolling them in papers and blunts can significantly cause adverse effects to your lungs because of the burning of paper. So peoples, hit from a pipe or bong for a much cleaner smoke. But no one has ever died from weed the stats are out there and there are so many other poisons that are so much worse and are legal which kill.

  • punka says:

    I stopped breathing, my heart stopped, and I had to be revived from smoking pot. Now I am not a hater… I think everyone should be able to do what they want within reason… but YES POT CAN KILL YOU IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO IT!!! I am proof.

  • Onelivecrew says:

    I can tell you like this, when someone smokes all day every day that is a problem, and it should be addressed. I did it for years. Does that mean that everyone has to suffer for the few that abuse it? Do we suffer without alcohol because alcoholic’s abuse it? No. I may smoke a little green but let me tell you what… I am in college, I have a 3.6 GPA, I am running my own business and have a great family. Life is good.

    However, the USA has this thing, it’s written on a piece of paper, um… it’s called the Constitution. And this Constitution has these things written in it called The Bill of Rights. And these Bill of Rights are these things called freedoms. And one of these freedoms is the freedom of choice.

    Whether or not I smoke a cigarette is MY choice. Whether or not I drink alcohol is MY CHOICE. Whether I’m a fan of the Yankees or the Dodgers, or whether I’m even a fan of baseball is MY CHOICE. Why is smoking marijuana NOT MY CHOICE? When did that freedom disappear?!

    Freedom? We are not free. We are told we are free but this is as much a dictatorship as any other dictatorship. We are not free in the USA.

    We need to start telling these people in the Government that we won’t be treated like Boo Boo the Fool anymore.

  • Brittany says:

    Marijauna……. do you really think that its the problem with our society?!?!!! I am an 18 year old senior in high school, and almost everyone I know likes to smoke a little bud once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with it. I have a 3.8 gpa, and even got accepted early addmission into a state school. I probably smoke at least an ounce a week.

    I have a clean record, a well-paying part-time job (as i am still in high school)…. Neither me or any of my friends go to parties and get “totally wasted, dude!”…. (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I just really want people to open their minds and realize that MOST people who smoke weed are not going to fit into the stereotype of a “pothead”.

  • Jon says:

    actually 23 people died from marijuana between 1979-1998 sure it only adds up to 1 per year and like 0.00052% but to say no one has ever died from it is wrong.

  • AROSE says:

    ok listen. i am 21 yrs old, and have been around marijuana smokers for 95% of my life. it really gets me upset when i see or read things putting down people who smoke pot. i myself dont smoke it, but i know how people act on it.. and to be perfectly honest they are some of the smartest people i know. so i say that hell no marijuana isnt bad… if our dumb government would wise up they would do what they sould of done 30 plus years ago and LEGALIZE MARIJUANA.

  • Hope says:

    That story is sad but ya’ll are stupid, those who think weed can kill people. Im high right now an im feelin good lol. My bro smokes the same stuff an he said it makes him Jittery. Whereas me i smoked some earlier an it just relaxes me. Relaxes me an puts me in a chill calm mood. Well people i have love for you.Gotta have love for my fellow POTHEADS. Lol iights im outties. One love

    420 PEEPS =)
    *High as a KITE*
    Lovin it =-)

  • Mason says:

    To Bill:
    I appreciate your opinions, but they are poorly written. Your grammer is egregious. It’s almost like you’re trying to prove to people that not smoking marijuana makes you dumber.

    Too: as in too much

    To: as in go to the store

    How is it that a marijuana smoker can know this, and you don’t?

    You’re: as in you are

    Your: as in your brain off drugs

  • Bill says:

    I don’t looking down on those who smoke Marijuana. Just those who abuse it especially those who think they can drive high I have pulled to many out of cars they are high and have caused accidents and all they can do is giggle Be real means being responsible those of you who think you should have a free pass, to smoke because you say no one has died from smoking marijuana. Need to rethink you strategy. No one has died from smoking cigarettes used to be a widely accept thought until it was linked to numerous types of cancer. Prove your point site studies and real RESERARCH. Until then get high prevent pain and smoke up a storm. Just remember you are responsible for your action high or not.

  • Bill says:

    Sorry to read your version of a real story. I’m sure the person saying no one has ever died from smoking marijuana has a medical background? sorry people have died from smoking marijuana The THC may have or may not have cause the brain haemorrhage But the person did die while smoking Marijuana. That is like the saying guns don’t kill people bullets do or people do. Marijuana contributes too many deaths every year.

  • Mason says:

    Did you know that in many clique circles, cocaine and heroin are considered more acceptable, safer, and more tolerable than marijuana? Why? Because of its association with liberalism. Yes, the drug war is a business, but the fact is, I have seen people have immediate epiphanies smoking marijuana, how their whole life had been wrong up to that point. The fact is, it makes people see the world differently. It can make people into hippies, and God forbid-peaceful. That is why it is unacceptable, especially in ultra conservative Asian countries.
    Now, those people I mentioned, the uppity white collar coke and tar heroin smokers, would rail me on how bad the whacky weed is, and since they were Waaaht and influential to the impressionable fools around them, other people would find it in themselves to be less frightened about taking a puff of tar heroin through an empty toilet paper roll, than to take a puff of grass. They saw me, the trash talking token liberal (temporarily in the group) and saw my poison as far more deviant than the tar, which a highly professional and aggressive entrepreneur assured them was no more potent than a mild form of codeine.
    You would not believe the horror I felt when I saw that young impressionable Asian girl fall on her back and spin into convulsions after a slight inhalation of tar heroin. She didn’t need to be taken to a hospital, though I called an ambulance anyway. Needless to say, that was my last association with those people.
    My point is, the influence of anti liberalism can be so powerful and pervasive, that it will leave lasting marks of hate for anything associated with Hippies, Bob Marley, or anything that might make people seem a little scruffy and anti social toward white collar coke, meth, heroin heads.

  • Kay says:

    That story is very sad but I am sure that her friend did not die from smoking too much Marijuana! There is nothing wrong with smoking some Cannabis! I love your site I came across it doing my research assignment which my topic is Medical Marijuana/regular Marijuana.

    take care.



  • Petar says:

    In Bulgaria for example it has a bad reputation because of NOT KNOWING what it is and why is being chased by the LAW.My mother was that way, but when I managed speak to her (after reading about Marijuana) on a different level with alot of FACT’S , now she’s even ready to TRY and co-operate with legalizing it in Bulgaria.

    Don’t believe what people say, believe what Scientists say! Or you’ll end up as a girlfriend of mine that a friend of her’s told her that Vitamin C (1000mg) drinking every day is DEADLY!!


  • seth says:

    Anyone who believes that marijuana could possibly harm anyone who smokes it or eats it needs to read a book. I’m not too upset about peoples ignorance anymore. Now that the feds are no longer prosecuting people who own and run medical marijuana dispensaries or anyone legally entitled to use medical marijuana, it seems that skeptics now are really going to begin soaking in the truth about the herb. To the girl whos friend died from a brain clot. Talk face to face with a good doctor. Marijuana did not kill your friend.

  • louis says:

    marijuana does not and never has killed anyone. It is a million times safer than alcohol and people have no problem drinking. The government should get their heads out of their asses and legalize it already. they could tax it and help get us out of this economic recession by earning roughly 1.5 billion dollars each year. and to “anonymous” 8-15-09 marijuana is not addictive and i agree with “dutchgirl”, the only reason people get paranoid from smoking marijuana is because we constantly have the government breathing down our necks just for smoking a fucking plant. marijuana is alot safer than taking prescription pills in the fact that you cannot overdose from marijuana.

  • william says:

    yeah marijuana is not bad for your health it will not kill you unless you are going to kill yourself anyway. well that could possible be the only way marijuana kills you. VOTE yes for LEGALIZATION!

  • dutchgirl says:

    No it does not kill…and in our case it has made life bearable because of arthritis…the “legit” docs in Texas have to be begged to give any kind of script that would make it possible to walk…three docs have said..”You are so young, move around more.” Joints swell out so far, no gloves will even fit over the hands now…Gunga Tea has been the release…every morning, I make the tea, take it to my best friend, and then we do the hot foot soak, onto the hot shower, then menthol patches on every joint…finally, start to move around a little and try to have some kind of normal life…Maryjane is illegal because the drug war is a business…and if you legalize grass, you put a lot of law enforcment out of a job…What would they do for a living…stop child abuse? Get real…

  • dutchgirl says:

    Marijuana should be legalized for medical use…just think of the people with arthritis, cancer, or any other chronic pain disorder who would benefit from it’s properties…And the economic boon to every grower, community would be outstanding…the local, state and national government could, (and would), tax the farmer, the packager, the retailer and the consumer…What the hell is so hard to understand?
    And to “anonymous, 9-15-09, pot is not addictive, does not cause psychosis and if it was legalized, we would all quit being paranoid about square jawed super troopers in uniform wanting to crack your head open in Texas for something that is a ticket in Alaska…That is not justice…As for keepinghappy artificially…go to the legal doc, he will fill you up with a thousand pills with a million side effects..Think about it…a pill for depression that makes people want to committ suicide…Grass never made me anything but horny and hungry…

  • Anonymous says:

    Marijuana is a drug, it destroys lives and relationships. It has dreadful sideffects and destroys your brain. If your depressed you want to feel happy, yes, but doing it artificially, is wrong. Addiction, psychosis, paranoia… Keep off the Grass!

  • Anonymous says:

    sad, it a woman was innovative and different, she was a witch. once, woman weren't even worth the right to vote. If you were a different race then white, your life is less in value and deprived of freedom. Being gay is a sin, and thus taps the influence of the government. I could continue, but it's all the same. fear and a misinformed belief among powerful people lead to an inevitable hold on authority, accompanied with the profit and innovation of today's society.

  • rainman says:

    guys, it really is time to clearup this misunderstanding about the herb. In my country (Suriname) there’s a similar stereotype even though there are enough people smoking bush herb, grown amidst the tropical rainforest, profiding economical benefits to those who were (and are) practically denied of equal opportunities. I’ve never been to the U.S. but i know that this plant is the healing of nations.

  • Cannamed Of Thousand Oaks says:

    Attention All 420 Growers” 420 Medical Marijuana Exempt Certificates Available ONLY in Thousand Oaks.. HSC-11362.77(b) If a qualified patient or primary caregiver has a doctor’s recommendation that this quantity does not meet the qualified patient’ s medical needs, the qualified patient or primary caregiver may possess an amount of marijuana consistent with the patient’s needs.


  • Crayzarab2k7 says:

    people are too ignorant to learn the truth about somthing that the government labels as a “drug”. i could honestly never get away with smoking weed if my parents found out but my mom takes oxycontin and she doesnt have a problem giving those to me if my backs hurting which is stupid. she doesnt understand how bad OC is but she bitches at me for smoking weed. i wish that VA legalizes it and i wont have to deal with this BS anymore. Weed=Happiness drugs=divorce, rehab, overdose, teeth and brain decay, anorexia, etc. wow what a difference. weed is a plant that god gave us. maybe not to smoke it but either way, its definently helpfull. pot is a herb. tell ur neighbors the word

  • Anonymous says:


  • oprinat says:

    Cannabis has been used for about 4,000 years for medical purposes. In Taiwan about 10,000 years ago the people of that country used marijuana for fiber. It’s important to mention that it’s not the social threat authorities believe it to be. On . you can find out more about the wide range of medical applications of pot in treating diseases such as convulsions, asthma, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, schizophrenia.

  • Anonymous says:

    No!!!!!! People please if you have a problem with marijuana then just stay away from it. But dont go and insult or look down upon people who smoke it. Also dont go and try to brainwash people into believing that either. It is there life to believe and do whatever they want to. Its not your life to live or run. It may seem bad to you but the facts are true. No deaths have happened from smoking marijuana. I dont like it when people look down at me or treat me unequal cause I do it. If you have something you love to do good for you. But if I dont like to do that im not not going to look down upon you for it cause im not a hypacrit. Just because i like weed doesnt meen that you need to look at me different im still a real live person just like you!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a multifaceted answer. Primarily, marijuana has such a bad reputation because of decades of negative government propaganda dating back to the 1930’s following the repeal of alcohol prohibition. The media hasn’t generally done much in the way of questioning the government’s stance until recent days either, which has largely shaped the general public’s opinion of cannabis. Also, taking into consideration the powerful lobbyists in Washington from the alcohol industry and law enforcement, the issue becomes clear that our people have simply been misinformed.

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