California debt – Tax Medical Marijuana

By July 10, 2009articles

California are debating a tax on medical marijuana, around $50 per ounce. Make is legal and the tax man takes in around $1.3 billion and saves millions in not having to police it anymore.

Indeed this will happen over time as it has with alcohol, gambling and tobacco.

Its a win win situation and we would like to hear support for this on this blog.

Let us know your thoughts… even if you don’t like the idea!

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  • They should legalize marijuana nation wide and tax it. Medical and recreational use… It would solve our national debt problem!

  • Anonymous says:

    We are a small group of overtaxed neighbors in California, and we need your help to get the word out on our grassroots march on Sacramento that will not take place until we generate interest and donations (we have only recieved $10 to date).

    Please please help. Please tell people about and post this website, . We dunno how to get support for this march. We'd love to get millions of people to march with us, but we'd be happy with 100 folks right now.

    This is very important cause, because we believe that as California citizens, we will become the most taxed citizens in America! We'll be paying much more taxes for no services or less services. Why pay more taxes for nothing in return? We believe that is very unfair, shortsighted, and unAmerican!

    We would like Sacramento to sell their large assests (i.e., we wonder how much the state Capitol building and other real estate would fetch at sale) to pay off their 27 Billion dollar debt.

    Please help!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree that legalizing marijuana and taxing it both for regular use and medical purposes is a good idea. But I can guarantee if they try to over tax people on it, like adding an extra $50 to the street price of an oz. then people will continue to get it through the black market to circumvent paying the taxes. The Govt. has a chance to make some serious money with this, they just better not get greedy, which has never been a strong point for the government.

  • Linda Schoeffler says:

    Legalize Marijuana, regulate, tax, distribute. Release prisoners on charges of possession or amounts that cops say is too much – intent to sell and dealers -small time. Maybe not smugglers – case by case basis. Tell the DEA to concentrate on hard drugs and drugs and youths-better education etc., cops can concentrate on real crime. BILLIONS AND BILLIONS MADE & SAVED!

  • Chris Huntley says:

    I'm from California and think it's a great idea. Legalize it and generate some tax revenue. We can put that back into our schools whose budgets have been impacted so severely.
    If it got legalized, maybe an easier fight for pot opponents would be smoking pot responsibly rather than obstaining completely.
    On a slightly related note, I'm a life insurance agent who thinks it's ridiculous that the occasional social pot smoker get rated for life insurance like cigarette smokers. I wrote an article about where pot smokers can get affordable life insurance at

  • Doc says: is a CA Online Dispensary. Send in your Drs' recommendation, join the club and they will ship free anywhere in the state. They also offer discounts for Aids, HIV, Chemo and AARP members. Cool. Check it out.

  • Anonymous says:

    This country would save billions of dollars in law enforcement, jail over crowding, health insurance and medical cost if they would legalize marijuana. They would also earn billions in tax revenue alone. The criminal elliment would be put out of business over night.

    I now live in Idaho and suffer with RA and a few other things. I deal with never ending pain and fatigue. My deoctor wants to put me on "Legal" meds, but the list of side effects terrify me. I would much rather smoke a joint a couple times a day, than pay the cost and risk the side effects of the prescriptions!

    It is time that the Government realize what a dis-service they have been doing for the citizens by the continued illegalization of marijuana. It NEVER should have been lumped in with "man"ufactured drugs such as crack, cocane, meth and others.

    Every government argument against the legalization has been proven false many, many times. Enough! Legalize it, start collecting taxes. Give people the chioce of a natural, benifical substance that is impossible to become addicted to or over dose on.

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