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Today I am going to make a post based on an email I received from one of our visitors, in relation to alternative health.

The reason I started this site was mainly to help people. So it would be great if medical marijuana community could help this person in need.

The following is the almost the exact email I received:

My father had a heart attack yesterday. He is only sixty. He has smoked doobies for the past 45 years, and he has also smoked cigarettes, although the latter he has tried quitting numerous times. I’m sure that this time it will stick, since he has really no other choice.

I live in Taiwan (my family lives in Canada), and according to phone conversations with my brother, he says that dad will have to quit smoking all substances altogether. I’m sure that this is a huge disappointment to him, since he usually smokes five or six a day. And my mum has said that she’s going to change her lifestyle to accommodate his. This all sounds fine while he’s recovering, but once things return to normal, they’re going to want to have a smoke after a long day.

So it donned on me yesterday that dad needs a vaporizer. Christmas is coming up, and so i could order and have one at the house by the time I get home.

Do you guys feel that a vaporizer is a safe way of smoking in order to reduce risk after heart disease is already set in. Is the vaporizer an alternative health solution for my dear ol’ dad?

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  1. Chantix works. Bad side effects for certain individuals. 1 week of pills while still smoking cigarettes, then your done. in the course of that weak, your desire for cigarettes goes away.

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  3. Eating marijuana is the preferred method for anyone concerned about the effects of smoking. There is less waste, and the obvious effects of inhaling smoke are removed. If you must smoke, joints are the worst (most tar / most waste), pipes are slightly better (high tar / less waste), and water bongs are the cleanest (least tar / least waste). A directory of medical marijuana resources is available at my link. Please feel free to add your favorite links and browse the other sites posted there, as we build this directory.

  4. A vaporizer will provide a much cleaner “smoke”. I use a model from, much easier on your lungs than smoking MJ. But ingesting the MJ might be the easiest on one’s body

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