World Health Organization Gives CBD A Stamp Of Approval

By January 3, 2018Articles, CBD

The World Health Organization issued a statement on the potential benefits of the naturally-occuring cannabinoid CBD after a month-long study. One of their main findings is that CBD is an effective treatment for some forms of epilepsy. They also recommended that CBD should not be put on the international drug schedule. They believe that governments should not be able to oversee it’s sale and use.

Within the report, the WHO acknowledged that the effects of CBD do not have any potential for dependence or abuse. Their findings showed that CBD does not have the same psychological or physical effects as THC. This is true of tolerance at every dosage that was tested.  

The report states that the clinical use of the drug Epidiolex is an advanced treatment for epilepsy. The CBD medicine is effective for at least some forms of the disorder. The WHO looked at findings from studies on the effects of CBD dating back from the 1970s. In their findings was evidence that cannabidiol has anti-seizure effects.

One study showed that when four people were given CBD for three months, one of the patients did not improve, one showed partial improvement, and two of the patients did not have any seizures.

The report also noted that CBD may be a useful treatment for other medical conditions. However, the research on this notion is not very advanced. CBD has been shown to have promise with the treatment of many diseases with it’s antiepileptic, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic, tumor-shrinking, and brain-protecting abilities.

Another possible use for CBD is that of drug-abuse treatment. A systematic review revealed that CBD has a beneficial effect on cocaine, opioid, and stimulant addiction. Other research shows that it may also help with addiction to nicotine and cannabis.

Epidiolex is slated for approval and sale by GW Pharmaceuticals in 2017.




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