Winter Blues? Give Old Man Winter The Slip

By December 1, 2018Articles

winter bluesDark days and long nights can bring a low mood. If the winter blues have you in their clutches, note the following tips to banish them and enjoy greater cheer this wintertime.

Cozy-up like the Danes

The Danish tradition of Hygge can melt winter misery. The idea is to make life comfortable and cozy. Use warm lighting, soft furnishings, blankets, and spicy scented candles to create a pleasant ambiance. Also, carry out soothing behaviors. Drinking homemade cocoa and eating fresh gingerbread by a log fire will do the trick. Click here for further information

Get out in the countryside

Venturing into the cold outside might seem a bad move, but you need daylight and exercise to chase away wintertime misery. Put on your walking boots and a warm jacket and stroll in the great outdoors. Take your friends, a dog, and a flask of fresh coffee and make the most of the natural light and winter wildlife.

Bring more light indoors

Add daylight bulbs to your home and office and at breakfast time sit in front of a light designed to beat seasonal affective disorder. The extra light will stimulate your system to create feel-good hormones and regulate your body clock. You can balance your internal rhythm even more by also using a sunrise alarm to wake you each morning.


Stay positive

Negative thinking will bring your mood down at any time of the year, but when you have the winter blues, its impact can be worse. Avoid energy vampires who talk of misery and woe. Spend more time with happy people since joy is catching. Additionally, when you feel the blues approach, listen to uplifting music, or do something else you love. Take a bubble bath, paint a picture, or cuddle a pet; whatever boosts your emotional state in the right direction.

Follow a routine

Although spontaneity and adventures are fun, routines might be more helpful when you are stressed. Aim to rise and retire at either end of the day at similar times. Likewise, have regular mealtimes and wind down every evening to teach your body and mind to relax and aid sleep. Vitality Health Pure CBD Isolate is really helpful for that.

Create a self-care regimen

When others show they care for you, your mood lifts. The same is true when you look after yourself in loving ways. Indulge your senses and carry out acts of self-care. For instance, massage your feet with cinnamon or clove oil mixed with a carrier oil before going to bed. Listen to feel-good brainwave entrainment to program your state of mind, or do something else that boosts your spirits. Make engaging in self-love part of your daily regimen and anxiety will fade.

Old Man Winter need not be your enemy. When the winter blues are on the horizon, embrace behaviors that increase happy chemicals and offer comfort and cheer. As a result, the chilly dark months won’t get you down.


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