Why You Need A Rosinbomb In Your Life?

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Concentrates are taking over, in the best possible way. Most people probably know this but in case you didn’t you heard it here first. Growing in popularity over the last number of years it might be safe to say that the use of concentrates is the most popular way to get high for many out there. Concentrates simply offer stronger and more consistent highs than dry herbs and these will never not be popular. So thankfully there are companies like Rosinbomb around to help us get the most from our concentrates.


Rosinbomb started life as a family run company specializing in the innovation of new machinery. They brought their years of expertise and technique to the making of concentrates and for that, we should be thankful. Rosinbomb presses look and act like quality units and deliver high yields of concentrates from any rosin strain you care to place under its immense pressure. Two of their best proponents of this exceptionalism are the Rosinbomb Rocket and the Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press. Two incredible units that would offer their owner a world of concentrate joy.

Premium Quality

When anything becomes popular there is always a rise in inferior products coming out at the same time from cheap companies in order to make fast money. But these products will be cheap, poorly made, and are unlikely to perform well. Then there are companies like Rosinbomb who come along and show that true craftsmanship will always shine through. The simple fact is that when you want to use dabs you’re safest in demanding quality over cheaply made products.



Substandard material will only result in you getting poor returns on your concentrates and most likely even lower qualities of wax. Rosinbomb presses are quality assured and tested products that will only give you the very best. Each plate on the Rosinbomb Rocket and the Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press is designed to get you the most from your rosin.

Sleek Design

A certain give away that you’re dealing with something more than your average press is the look of the Rosinbomb line. Both the Rocket and the Super Press look like strong, dependable units. Some other presses on the market can often look cheaply put together and unsurprisingly they usually perform as well as they appear. The Rosinbomb presses are striking, stainless-steel exteriors and look like they could withstand a fall out of a fifth-floor window. Don’t test that theory though.

Bye Bye Hydraulics

We mentioned earlier how Rosinbomb began their family business in machine innovation. Well here’s an example of how that pedigree has raised them far above their competitors in the concentrate production scene: their complete lack of hydraulics or no pneumatics. Rosinbomb took a hard look at one of the things most likely to cause their customers misery and annoyance and they just got rid of it. The Rosinbombs are electronically run so that there is no longer any need to maintain the hefty upkeep of hydraulic or pneumatic pumps. This means that they make virtually zero noise and are much easier to keep in good working order for longer.

Weight and Size

In terms of design, the Rosinbomb Rocket and Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press are quite similar but not totally. Let’s take the Rocket first. This is a press that has been designed with the regular dabber in mind. It’s not too heavy nor is too big so it’s much more convenient than the Super Rosin Press. It weighs around 13 lbs (6 kg) and is about 10 inches tall. Extremely portable! You could put it in a backpack and take it with you wherever you’re going. The plates heat to about 300℉ but the optimum range is about 200℉ – 220℉. But of course, you should be aware that different strains of rosin require different levels of heat in order to get the most out of them.


As you might expect from something named ‘super’, the Super Rosin Press is much bigger than the Rocket. It’s about 6 inches tall and weighs 16 kg. Not the easiest thing for anyone to carry around but it’s also not out of the ordinary to imagine throwing it in the back of your vehicle and bringing it with you. It’s around the same size as a coffee machine, so not out of this world big. Due to its larger size, it’s also capable of an amazing amount of pressure. It can, in fact, it can generate around 5500 lbs. With this amount of pressure and heat, there’s no way that you won’t be swimming in quality concentrates in no time.

In Conclusion

Overall it’s not difficult to see why Rosinbomb are dominating the rosin press market. With decades of machine innovation behind them, they’re continuing that tradition by bringing it into the world of Rosin Presses. These two products, in particular, the Rosinbomb Rocket and the Super Press, are the tip of the spear when it comes to ingenuity. There are very few other companies that deliver as consistently or as well as Rosinbomb. If the methods you’re using now aren’t delivering to the standards you want then you owe it to yourself to try a Rosinbomb product.


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