Top 3 Reasons People Are Using CBD Oils

By June 25, 2020Articles, CBD

Use of CBD OIlAs we know the CBD market is skyrocketing and expected to increase FIVE FOLD by 2025. That means an industry worth a staggering $25 billion by the middle of theo 2020’s! With consumers buying oils, vape liquids and edibles, the choice for products containing Cannabidiol is immense. The quality of products, too, is getting better and better, with many customers starting to look for the purer, full spectrum, Golden oils, explained in detail here, as opposed to the cheaper, more processed distillates and isolates. 

Here we look at the main reasons people turn to CBD. There are of course many more than three reasons, but we have tallied up reasons given to stores selling all over the USA and Europe to give us the results below. 

Anxiety & Stress

More and more people are turning away from booze, and looking to distance themselves from pharmaceutical dependency by using CBD oil based products. The results are surprisingly positive, with some stores keeping an 80-90% return of customers buying their products for these particular conditions. All mental health issues are complex and require professional medical advice, but this doesn’t stop people from using CBD as a kind of supplement to counselling and medicine to control their particular conditions. Panic attacks, anxiety, stress, insomnia, all receive positive feedback from those using CBD products to combat them throughout the USA, UK and all over the world.


Arthritis and fibromyalgia seem to be the most common medical issues that people use CBD to combat the pain from. Like with the above anxiety and stress issues, the majority of consumers seem to gain value and relief from using CBD oil based products. Many claim an improvement to sleep and relaxation, which of course is vital for bodies to begin to heal themselves. Creams are often used that contain CBD, though many are now switching to tinctures or capsules where the bio absorption is better and more effective.,of%20chronic%20pain%20to%20treat.

Full spectrum CBD


For those who train and work out hard, recovery, (when your muscle actually repairs itself and grows your strength and endurance), is of paramount importance. There has been a huge explosion in athletes and amateur sports people using CBD to help with their recovery after training. From strongman to track runners, the antiinflammatory properties of the cannabis plant, found in CBD products, seem to be gaining a huge momentum and following in the sports world. 

Improvement to sleep as well as de inflammation being key to the reasons why CBD is being used so often by athletes all over the world.

So There We Have It!

The scope for the supplemental value of CBD to people’s health and well being is continuing to be discovered by many people, looking for an answer to issues that conventional medication struggles to assist. Of course you should always explain your CBD use to your doctors and medical practitioners, working with them with regards to dosage and making sure it does not interfere with any other medication you are taking.

Let us know if you use CBD for any of the above reasons and how it works out for you!


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