Cannabis have come a long way even though it has only attracted negative vibes from people. The public are now getting more information on cannabis and what it can do to the body. These has made the cannabis stocks to increase more than it was before.

People talk about the risk connected to cannabis but there are still many benefits which are accrued to it and so, should not be looked over because of this negative claim. Apart from the fact that it has boosted the income of some States that legalized it, it has also created more jobs for the people and increased the stock market.

Though cannabis is still illegal in the United States and that is the only thing investors have to worry about but almost 10 states have legalized its use in the states in the United States. Most Americans are in favour of legalizing cannabis and if this is done, the future of cannabis stocks will skyrocket.

But as of the present, here’s a list of the top 10 marijuana stocks;

  1. Aurora Cannabis Inc (ACBFF); Canadian company Aurora Cannabis have also proven that cannabis is being loved by more people than you can think of. They specialize in delivering medical-grade cannabis products to the public at affordable prices. So they offer flat-rate pricing along with free shipping within Canada, also have medical doctors who can answer patient’s questions, are on hand to prescribe and relate with patients. he only rocky part here is that ACBFF’s shares are mostly down with 28% but has stabilized since April 2018. Some claim that recognition of cannabis might be the benchmark for its stock growth.
  2. Aphria Inc (APHQF); Due to the illegalization of cannabis, most companies are very speculative, they normally trade on future hope that there will be earning eventually which sometimes have no investors on it. But every now and then, Aphria, who specializes in greenhouse-grown medical cannabis as it also generates substantive revenue growth, has over 3200% sales and this was done within 3 years but for the past two years, Aphria has produced positive net income. The companies financial performance is getting more and more promising.
  3. AmeriCann Inc (ACAN); The marijuana industry is moving. Over 30 States allow cannabis for medical purposes while 9 permits it for recreational purposes. So several entrepreneurs have delved into marijuana hoping to make it rich but it is more logical to know what you are doing when it concerns marijuana. And AmeriCann company offers the logical and administrative support for cannabis entrepreneurs and can also help you procure lucrative cannabis license due to having their own licensing procurement division as that is one of the specks in going to them. Like other marijuana stocks, ACAN has over 61% stocks since April 2018 and will continue to rise more.
  4. American Cannabis Company Inc (AMMJ); To become a cannabis entrepreneur can be discouraging as it does not have any guideline to it but AMMJ makes the delve into it more easier as it is a consulting firm which deals on directing entrepreneurs on their budding career. They also help with license application, establishing market, setting up a cultivation plant and so on, it also levers multiple years of experience helping companies grow from the ground and also offers branding and marketing services. Shares have stabilized in AMMJ since early February due to positive sentiments from people.
  5. General Cannabis Corp(CANN); There are many benefits that comes with conducting a holding company as CANN has multiple subsidiaries with each having a unique specialty while maintaining a stable balance sheet. The date, here, is encouraging as the top line sales shot up to 1400% in four years. Revenues have increased here by 27% so the company’s market performance leaves a lot to be desired.
  6. CV Sciences Inc(AVSI); This company specializes in cannabidiol-based medicine that is seeking approval for their alternatives. It embraces medicine’s natural components while its stock rising is giving investors more things to look at. So shares are up to 14.4% which makes it one of the top marijuana stocks. CVSI has made more revenues in four years and a massive success with top line sales skyrocketing more than 125%.
  7. Cannabis Science Inc (CBIS); This is the most risky stocks because with a share price fewer than six cents, CBIS goes lower than most and might not be recommended by your financial advisor. But looking past it, CBIS has huge upside potential which can shoot up at random. CBIS is stabilizing in the market and will have more opportunities to strike.
  8. GreenGro Technologis Inc(GRNH); This company has its share still very low but it has a catch as it specializes in hydroponic grow rooms which favours the Americans to demand for advanced grow rooms which can help in growing cannabis immensely. Not only that GRNH is a turn-key facility solutions which have suffered but seems to have found its balance. With luck, it will grow more than it has now.
  9. Cara Therapeutic Inc(CARA); When you talk of marijuana stocks, you have to remove stability from it. CARA is down with just 2.3% which might be considered a winner considering how unattractive the market has been but CARA has the potential investors more with a longer term view. In addition, the management maintains a clean balance sheet with zero debt.
  10. Peak Pharmaceutical Inc (PKPH); This company appreciates household pets and do not produce for human consumption so it has a license agreement with Canna-Pet which gives them access to animal cannabis products. A survey of the American pet revealed that more owners of pets are open to alternative therapies for their pets. Just like other companies, PKPH is speculative but its 10% share price does not inspire confidence.

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