These OTC Meds Can Actually Damage Your Body More Than Weed Can

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Since Over-The-Counter medications do not usually require a doctor’s prescription note, people have easy access to these and they tend to overuse them without knowing the dangerous risks it can pose on the body. Who knows, you might be one of these unsuspecting users.

Remember that classic story of someone slipping on a banana peel? Well in reality, the chances of someone slipping from a banana peel is surprisingly, very low. The same goes for weed. Pot has yet to be pointed at as a killer or a reason for a deadly overdose. Truth be told, weed is actually an extremely potent medical substance that can be used as a pain reliever without worrying about the negative side effects.

However, there is a larger criminal at large that’s been running around freely, and no one even notices.

Over-The-Counter drugs

As the name implies, these medications can be bought even without a doctor’s prescription, thereby granting easy access for people even if they are actually ill or not. Without a prescription, users intake these drugs using the general rule of either once or twice a day. Some tend to go past the line and hence, overdose themselves. These over-the-counter drugs look and seem harmless but not only can they damage the liver, they also bring a greater risk of other bad effects.

And if in case you’re wondering, yes. Marijuana is a better alternative and you won’t have to worry about getting high either. There are plenty of CBD-infused medication now available in some states. These are better to use compared to these common yet deadly over-the-counter drugs.

Cough Medication

Cough syrups are usually sold in various flavors as well as in different colors. A few common flavors are orange, apple, cherry, grape and mint. Cough syrups are expected to soothe the patient’s cough as well as ease the removal of phlegm.

If you’ve  been watching the news often, there’s always at least one headline about cough syrup being dangerous for toddlers and teenagers. Since this is an over-the-counter drug, it can easily be obtained even by teenagers.

One of its main ingredients is known as Dextromethorphan (DXM). Other medications that have Dextromethorphan as an ingredient include antihistamines and decongestants. Surprisingly enough, DXM is actually an opioid, in case you weren’t aware.

Shocking revelation, isn’t it? However, DXM does not have any pain-relieving aftereffects unlike Oxycodone. DXM can serve as both a depressant and can even induce properties similar to hallucinogens to the user.

Marijuana does not leave its user in an extremely euphoric situation unlike overdosed cough syrups. Because of the high euphoria, DXM can encourage return visits, leaving the user dependent and addicted to it.

Other effects also include liver and spleen damage.


Aspirin is a very common drug that most doctors suggest to their patients who suffer heart attacks and strokes. It can also be used for headaches and other common ailments and because of this, suspecting aspirin as a dangerous drug is barely observed. And considering how popular aspirin is, this common medicine cabinet item might just be the most dangerous one yet.

Oxford has conducted a major study that discovered how dangerous these pills actually are. These drugs are at the highly risky when it comes to overdosing due to its blood-thinning properties which can be deemed responsible for the three thousand (3000) excess and internal bleeding deaths a year in the UK alone.

Even the FDA as well as licensed doctors all around the globe have come to an understanding and an agreement that even if aspirin had been effective in reducing and stopping heart attacks, times have changed and they are planning to change how they classify and view aspirin. Most especially if the user has never have had a history of strokes or heart disease.

Other research also shows that aspirin can trigger other side effects not only in the heart and the bloodstream but as well in the gastrointestinal system.

In other words, aspirin is one of the most dangerous drugs that can kill a person not only because of overdose but because it’s been known for its availability as well as its popularity. Aspirin kills more people than weed ever does.

OTC Meds Can Hurt You

Everyone goes through illness and ailments every day. Most of these people don’t have the time nor liberty of going to the doctor for a prescription and hence, over-the-counter medicines are often bought and used without the proper dosage and leaves the user at a high risk for an overdose.

If you have cough, PMS pain, joint pain or headaches, do not use any of these mentioned over-the-counter medication. It’s always safer and better to take to your doctor about which drug fits you best without worrying too much about overdosing yourself. Who knows, your doctor might even suggest taking weed as a natural substitute.

If you want to learn about more over-the-counter medications that can cause you a lot more harm than cannabis, watch out for our next article.


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