The Volcano Vaporizer – German Engineering at Its Finest

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Volcano Vaporizer

There is no bigger name in desktop dry herb vaporizers than the Volcano. This piece of equipment truly changed the dry herb vape game and is widely considered to be the purest desktop vape available and it is even the favoured device for cafes across Amsterdam thanks to its reputation as being reliable and pure.

The classic Volcano has earned its infamy, but German makers Storz & Bickel have created its brother; the Volcano Digital Vaporizer. Could this device be even more impressive than its forefather the Classic? What are the differences and could we see the old guard being replaced by its upgraded offspring as title holder as the best desktop vaporizer on the market?

Let’s look at the two desktop heavyweights and you can decide for yourself which one of these big hitters comes out on top – the Volcano Classic Vaporizer or its digital counterpart.

Does the Volcano Vaporizer deserve its reputation?

When the Volcano Classic Vaporizer was initially released, it promised a pure vape and a superior herbal experience. The biggest selling point of the Volcano vaporizer has always been its ability to remove harmful toxins and other by products, such as carcinogens and tar, during the vaporizing process so that the vapour you inhale is much purer. This also intensifies the active ingredients in your chosen herbs which is released into the vapour by around 75%. The Volcano vaporizer is yet another product of superior German engineering.

Both the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digital vaporizer work by circulating vapour filled with the herbal active ingredient through a valve and in to a balloon. Once filled, this balloon can be completely detached, and the contents can be enjoyed for up to 8 hours after. This is ideal if you want to share your vaping experience with friends, as long as you don’t mind sharing the same mouthpiece of course.

Many people consider the Volcano to be the best dry herb vaporizer out there due to the incredibly pure and consistently high quality vape that it produces. The Volcano has a lager surface area which is heated meaning that your herbs are evenly heated creating the distinctive pure vape that the brand is renowned for.

Many users who invested in the original Classic Volcano are happily still using the superior desktop dry herb vaporizer years after the initial purchase. The longevity of this brand is another of its unique selling points; not only are you getting the best dry herb vaping experience on the market, but the quality of the product has proven itself as absolute value for money.

So what does the new Digital Volcano Vaporizer have to offer and is it worth the upgrade?

Is it time for the digital age?

The Digital Volcano Vaporizer shares many of the same qualities as the classic Volcano. The design and workings of the device is almost exactly the same with the same heating time of around 3 minutes. The Classic and the Digital can both be used to vape dry and concentrated herbs and they both used the balloon system of distributing the vapour. Both designs have similar temperature settings from 108-236 degrees Celsius which can be adjusted manually but here is where one of the biggest differences lies.

The temperature settings on the Classic Volcano can be adjusted using the temperature knobs on the front of the device. This does allow you to set your own preferred temperatures however the digital display and temperature adjustment of the Digitalis far more precise and allows you to really play around with the specifics of your heating temps in order to get your unique and perfect vape. The high precision advanced air temperature control of the Digital Volcano combined with the built-in air filtration system makes this device the most technologically advanced and best vaporizers available on the market today and has been designed with the dry herb connoisseur in mind.

One of the other key differences with the Digital Volcano is that is comes exclusively with the Easy Valve which has been designed by well-known German brand Storz & Bickel after they listened to feedback from their loyal customers. While you can still buy the separate balloon material and mouthpieces which are included in the Classic Volcano Vaporizer kit, the pre-made balloons and combined mouthpieces of the Easy Valve is often preferred by users who simply want to be able to attach the balloon and begin the vaping experience. Making your own balloons can be cheaper in the long run but not always a method preferred by regular users.

The other major difference worth noting between the Classic Volcano Vaporizer and the Digital Volcano Vaporizer is obviously the price. With the classic device costing in the region of €350 and the digital version a more expensive €450, this might be the deciding factor when you are looking to purchase your desktop vaporizer.

The final result

Whichever way you look at it there can be no doubt that the Volcano vaporizer is the premier name in desktop dry herb vaporizers. Whether you prefer the classic or you’re a tech fan and opt for the digital display of the Digital; you are bound to be happy with the vaping experience that both of these devices provide. Look no further than Germany when it comes to choosing a desktop vaporizer.


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