The Top 5 CBD Flower Strains To Grow

CBD Flower Strains

Every day, more and more people are discovering the benefits of CBD. This combined with new dispensaries popping up all over the country means that the demand for CBD has never been higher. Shops are flooding the market with every strain of CBD flower imaginable. However, even though prices are dropping and you can find plenty of CBD flower for sale online, you may still feel uncomfortable with buying from an outside source. Growing your own flower means that you can take complete control of what goes into your body. And while the process may seem complicated, hemp is actually a very sturdy plant, this means that you have some wiggle room when it comes to your own crop.

How to grow CBD flowering plants

The first step for growing your own hemp plants is to make sure you have a well-aerated soil. This can be done by breaking up the soil with your hands or, in outdoor gardens, a hoe or tiller. Outdoor growers will need to confirm that their soil is right for planting and if it is not, should perhaps consider growing in a different location as buying new soil can be an unnecessary expense. Next, you want to plant the seed less than two inches below the soil, preferably at one inch to allow for uniformity. Soil temperature should be above 50℉. The seeds need to be placed with about 4-7 inches between them to allow for airflow and short, wider-reaching plants that are best for flowering.

After planting the seeds you will want to keep the temperature between 60-80℉ which means planting in late spring if growing outdoors. Freshly planted seeds will require more water in the first 4 weeks, about 1-2 waterings per day. This can be adjusted to slightly moist soil once the plants are at 2 inches high. Luckily, hemp plants are relatively drought resistant once the seeds are established.

Once the seeds have germinated is when fertilizer should be added. Use a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen and do not apply it directly to the seeds. It’s best to pick a warm, dry day to fertilize to prevent it from sticking to the plants. Be sure to water immediately after fertilizing so that the soil soaks in the fertilizer better.

The temptation when growing is to give your plants as much light as possible, in fact, some growers will leave their grow lights on 24/7. This may stimulate faster growth but is ultimately harmful to the plants because it interferes with their regular cycle. While growing, the plants need a consistent day-night cycle. This means at least 6 hours of darkness while in the vegetative state. And a 12-hour day-night cycle when flowering. A flowering period lasts about 7-9 weeks and will be marked by rapid plant growth. This is the stage when you can sex your plants, separating the males from the females. The females will have white pistils while the males will have a pollen sac. At four weeks your plants will stop growing and the flower buds will start. Trichomes will appear and give off a distinctive odor. These trichomes change color from clear to amber once it’s time to harvest.

Picking the best strains for you

With all the time invested in growing your plants, it’s important to know which flower is right for you. CBD is mainly known for its abilities as a relaxer, sleep aid, and in many cases, CBD may help with anxiety. However, different strains can have different benefits. These benefits are caused by the effects of terpenes, organic compounds that can affect your CBD experience in multiple ways. And it’s important to know these benefits before you buy.

  1. Cherry Wine

First-timers may want to tread carefully around this strain, with CBD content of 20% this strain doesn’t mess around. A cross between The Wife x Charlotte’s Cherries strains, this CBD hemp strain is flavored with hints of pine skunk and black pepper. This strain includes the terpenes Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Geranyl Acetate. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits as well as being an excellent treatment for anxiety and depression. If you are looking for relaxation and a high CBD content this is the strain for you.

  1. Lifter

Known for its mellowing effects on the body to ease aches and pains. A lifter is an excellent choice for anyone trying to get well rested nights sleep without the morning grogginess. It can also help with focus and gaining that little bit of extra energy when used in the daytime. The CBD content isn’t as high as the Cherry Wine, but at 16% this strain can still pack a punch. If pains or insomnia are a problem then go for this strain.

  1. Bubba Remedy

This strain is reviewed as being one of the best-tasting flowers. It boasts a full-body high that helps to relieve pain while also pulling double duty as a mood enhancer. No matter what ache or pain you have, Bubba Remedy is sure to provide relief. This strain’s smooth, sweet taste also makes it a great intro to CBD for first-timers. It has a moderate amount of CBD at 14%.

  1. Sour Space Candy

An outlier in a world of mellow, sleepy strains. The Sour Space Candy delivers its stress relief through euphoric feelings as opposed to it’s more mellowing counterparts. It has a moderate 18% CBD content and exists as a nice alternative to strains that will have you stuck on the couch for hours. If you want stress relief without feeling like you’ve wasted your day, this is your strain.

  1. Hawaiian Haze

Another great strain for newbies, Hawaiian Haze contains 16% CBD content and is considered to be the best-tasting strain in the bunch. Reviews have reported an increase in energy and focus as well as a reduction in anxiety. Its anxiety-relieving properties have also been known to help with insomnia. Which makes this strain great for both day and night time. Much like Bubba Remedy, this strain has a great taste that makes it a perfect choice for those new to CBD flowers.



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