The G Pen Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

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g pen pro dry herb vaporizer

G Pen Pro Vaporizer is a product of Grenco Science, one of the leading brands in the vaporizers industry. G Pen Pro is designed specifically for dry herb vaporization unlike its close relative the original G Pen. It is sleeker and more durable guaranteeing an excellent vaping experience.

Its convection mode of heating gives you a pure, original tasting and unpolluted vapor.

The G pen pro comes with the following components;

  • The G Pen Pro vaporizer
  • Packing tool,
  • cleaning brush,
  • charging cable
  • Grinder card
  • G Pen Pro features;
  • three Preset temperature levels (Blue- 375F, Green- 400F, Red- 428F)
  • Compatible with only dry herb
  • Ceramic oven with a two-gram capacity which is perfect for single use.
  • Small and very portable- the G Pen can easily fit into a pocket or a purse, it’s light and discreet.

Size and build structure

G Pen Pro is small and comfortable to hold in hand providing discretion. It is slightly bigger than Pax 2 measuring ½ inches wide, 4.5 inches tall and 1 inch broad. It weighs about 88 grams which makes it one of the lightest vaporizers in the market. It is easy to pocket and conceals anywhere in your attire.


To access the chamber, you are required to remove the mouthpiece by pulling straight outwards.  You then load finely ground herb into the chamber. I will recommend you use Space Works grinder which can produce different textures depending on the intensity of the grinding.

With fine grind, you can load up to 0.5 grams of herb into the chamber, but you do not have to load that much herb for single vape sessions. Also, you will need to finish the herb in the chamber per session because the vapor quality drops rather fast.  After loading, return the mouthpiece into position and then turn on your device.


To turn on the vaporizer, press the power buttons five consecutive times, the similar process is applied to turn off your unit. Your G Pen Pro will turn on and display the default temperature level as well as the battery level. Note that at this point the unit might be on but not heating. You can change the temperature levels by using the buttons at the side of the unit. If you are looking at the screen, the left button will lower the temperature, and the right button will increase the temperature.

After selecting your desired temperature, you can turn on the heater of the marijuana vaporizer by holding down the power button for at least 2 seconds. The heating time for the G-Pen Pro is speedy for a portable conduction vaporizer. To hit the first draw takes about 20 seconds while other vaporizers take up to a minute or more to finish preheating. The unit gets pretty hot hence it is advisable to start at a considerately lower temperature.

The G-Pen Pro temperature range runs from 200 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are the steps to get you started

  • Turn the G Pen on by clicking the button five times, and it will start heating up automatically.
  • You then hold the button down continuously to select one of 3 temperature levels- Blue- low voltage, Green- medium voltage, Red- high voltage
  • The LED lights will blink repeatedly when the G Pen Pro is heating up, and the blinking stops when ready to vape. The number of lights during a session indicates the battery level.
  • Once the lights stop blinking, inhale through the mouthpiece to start vaping.
  • Don’t pack your oven too tightly as these will compromise with the heating and the air flow.

Charging and Battery

The battery is surprisingly good for the unit as you can get between 4 – 6 bowls on a fully charged battery and it takes about 2 hours to charge the battery from dead depending on the type of charger used.

G-Pen Pro uses a micro. USB charger and does not come with non-replaceable batteries. However, the battery is very durable and long lasting but does not change the fact that the battery unit is not replaceable.

Pros of G Pen Pro

  • It is small in size making it easy to carry around and very discreet
  • Has a super-fast heat up due to its powerful heater
  • LED display makes it user-friendly
  • Has a broad temperature spectrum which can be customized according to the user’s preference.
  • Its sizable chamber with varying load sizes makes it ideal for group or solo vape sessions.
  • Impressive battery life for the unit.

Cons of G-Pen Pro

  • It produces a few burn offs which make the vapor taste like steel at the start of a vaping session before the vapor gets normal
  • The mouthpiece is hard to dislodge and gets pretty hot during prolonged sessions
  • A non-replaceable battery.

Cleaning and maintenance

G Pen Pro requires frequent cleaning for optimum performance. Clean the chamber using the provided brush as well as the Isopropyl alcohol after every vaping session or give it a blow. The mouthpiece and the screen areas also require frequent cleaning. To clean the mouthpiece, remove its silicone cover and drop it into a jar of ISO and shake around, after which you will rinse it with water and give it time to dry before replacing the silicone cover back. Batteries, mouthpiece, and the tank should be replaced on wear. Remember to fully charge the G Pro Pen before using it.

In conclusion, the G Pen Pro’s sleek matt design makes it feel well-balanced and easy to hold. The vape pen is not completely round-shaped and hence can sit on the table if laid down. It rivals its predecessors like the ELITE. The G Pen Pro gets heated quickly and produces a huge amount of vapor. It is easy to suck since it has a very low resistance and it feels natural. I would always recommend this vaporizer for outdoor vapers.


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