Medical Marijuana Grower in San Francisco Imprisoned

There still seems to be a lot of confusion with growing medical marijuana in the states, the growing laws seem to vary significantly.

To make things more confusing we need to consider state and federal law as well.

San Francisco was considered to be a safe state for medical marijuana growers. Unfortunately Stephanie Lander has been sentenced to 41 months for growing medical marijuana in San Francisco.

Stephanie was under the impression she had approval from the police to grow medical marijuana in San Fransisco, to help people with a range of illnesses.

Please watch the following growing medical marijuana video which reviews the plight of Stephanie Lander.

Do you think it is fair that she has been jailed and medical marijuana patients miss out on superb medication?


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  • Anonymous says:

    was she breaking state law?we all love smoking good weed, but lets not get confused about growing for smokin and just trying to get rich off something all of in here love to do.stay down for the cause but know what your cause is.mine is smokin great weed that i grow for my pleasure and well being.if she was in the right then plant again and be more careful next god loves me.

  • vapo-master says:

    This is really sad. I hope the legal situation in the US clears up in favour of the growers and hopefully European countries will follow this example.

    The good thing though is that in USA at least for patients there is a possibility to get medical marijuana in some states. Im from germany and here it is virtually impossible to get a license for medical marijuana use.

  • Matt Mernagh says:

    this is terribly sad. hopefully under the new administration medical marijuana will become more tolerable and compassionate growers won’t be imprisoned.

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