Relax Gummies: The treat that helps you sleep

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Relax Gummies

Relax Gummies are the best way to, well… relax. Just a few years back, very few people had heard of cannabidiol — or CBD, for short. Today, you can’t swing a sour gummy snake without running into some kind of good news about the health benefits of CBD gummies.

CBD is the non-psychotropic cousin of THC, the cannabinoid compound found in marijuana which imparts users with feelings of euphoria and is responsible for uncountable laughing fits and navel-gazing sessions.

Although CBD doesn’t make people high, apparently, it does help them feel good. CBD oil is one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. nutritional aids market. And the most popular segment of the CBD market is edibles. Furthermore, the most popular CBD edible is, by far, Relax Gummies.

We’re fascinated by this phenomenon and decided to do a little poking around to see why CBD has become so popular, and why CBD gummy bears, in particular, are leading the pack when it comes to sales of CBD-infused edibles.

Relax Gummies Lead The Pack

One brand in particular that caught onto the craze early and that has been continually rising through the ranks is Relax Gummies. The Relax brand is owned and operated by Diamond CBD, a Florida company that has consolidated a number of brand names in the CBD space including big names such as Chong’s Choice CBD, LT Painmaster CBD creams (NFL Hall-of-Famer Lawrence Taylor’s signature line of CBD-infused pain creams), and Liquid Gold vape oils and pens.

Recently Diamond CBD was listed in the top 10 CBD sellers in the U.S. by cannabis industry think tank New Frontier Data. And the Relax Gummies have been a consistent best seller in Diamond’s online store, with 20 different products in a variety of forms and flavors.

We checked in with the Relax Gummies team to grab some inside perspective on why CBD has become so popular, the reasons that people are using CBD products, and why gummy bears, in particular, are the best selling CBD edibles.

Relax Gummies: Sales Are Soaring

Relax Gummies sold a lot of CBD this year, to the tune of over ten million dollars worth. Just a few years back, hardly anyone had heard of CBD. So what’s driving the growth of CBD gummies?

CBD, especially in the form of gummies, is one of the most widely researched compounds in the world. New studies are coming out all the time that claim that CBD gummies might help contribute to the prevention of a number of health conditions, as well as a viable treatment for some serious and life-threatening diseases.

Just recently, the FDA approved a drug called Epidiolex for the treatment of epilepsy. That decision kind of elevated CBD gummies from being labeled an old wives tale to a scientifically proven, life-saving medicine. There’s no longer any debate as to whether or not CBD oil has value. And the same company produces a drug called Sativex which was approved in Canada for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Also, recently, this past summer, a study came out that showed that CBD oil extended the lifespan of lab animals with pancreatic cancer — a particularly nasty and hard-to-treat cancer. And there are so many other studies with good news.

There have been scores of studies — including clinical studies on humans — that show CBD oil might help with a huge range of conditions including:

  • anxiety and depression
  • sleep disorders such as insomnia
  • various types of chronic pain
  • autoimmune conditions like Crohn’s disease
  • kidney disease
  • skin conditions like psoriasis

The list just goes on and on.

Relax Gummies: A New Kind of Cannabinoid

So, how is that possible? How can one compound treat such a wide variety of conditions (Or at least be in various stages of research to determine if it can)?

It’s a long story, but the short of it is that CBD is what is called a “cannabinoid.” One of the systems in the human body that regulates a wide variety of functions is known as the “human endocannabinoid system.” Our bodies naturally produce these endocannabinoids and there are scores of different types. Their job is to relay signals from the brain to individual cells and instruct them to change their behavior. There are receptors for these compounds on the surface of cells, especially in the central nervous system and brain, and the immune system.

One of the amazing discoveries is that the cannabinoids produced in cannabis, of which there are dozens of types, have the same or similar effects as the ones produced by our own bodies. This suggests that we evolved to depend on these phytocannabinoids to supplement our own.

Some researchers and experts in this field have suggested that a number of conditions, especially immune conditions like Crohn’s disease and brain functions are the result of a deficiency of cannabinoids.

Humans have been consuming hemp for eons. It’s only in the past 100 years that it has been stripped from our diets. Over that same time, all these conditions have been on the rise. Also things like anxiety and depression and sleep problems and on an on.

People think these things are the result of our modern lifestyle and chemicals. And they may be in part, but they may also be caused by denying our bodies of these natural cannabinoids found in hemp and in CBD oil.

Relax Gummies Can Help Regulate Your Body

Relax Gummies can do amazing things. They can:

  • regulate the production of hormones like dopamine and serotonin. These are the hormones that our bodies pump out when we’re in the zone and feeling great. They’re what causes runner’s high.
  • They also help with compounds like melatonin which help us regulate our sleep patterns. And on and on. And these compounds are typically low in people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, and so forth, and even in people who have conditions related to nerve and brain dysfunctions like seizures and chronic pain and Alzheimer’s and even psychosis. I just heard today more good news about CBD helping to treat psychosis.

And these cannabinoids aren’t just there to solve health problems. They’re there to prevent them from arising. Their purpose is to bring about a condition called “homeostasis,” or balanced health.

  • When we need nourishment cannabinoids make us feel hungry, and when we’re full they make us feel full.
  • When we need sleep they make us sleepy, and when we’ve had enough they wake us up.
  • When we’re in danger they make us anxious, and when the danger passes they bring us back to feeling safe and secure. That’s a process known as “fear extinction” and it’s involved in conditions like PTSD.
  • Also, when cells pass their expiration date, so to speak, it’s cannabinoids that tell them to shut down and stop functioning.
  • When these things are out of balance — and there are scores of these systems —  we get all kinds of diseases like anxiety and PTSD.

So this news is coming out daily, and that’s what’s fueling the growth of products like CBD oil and, in particular, things like our Relax gummies bears.

Relax Gummies Are Convenient

So what’s the attraction to Relax Gummies and CBD candy in general as opposed to CBD oil?

Well, for one thing, they’re convenient, there’s no mess. But beyond that, people would rather enjoy their CBD if they have to take it. It’s the “old spoon full of sugar” trick.

A lot of us grew up on things like gummy bear multivitamins, too, so it might make people feel a little younger to be using these products. I mean they’re used by adults. Why would adults buy candy that makes them feel good? It’s obvious. It’s more enjoyable than just popping a capsule or using a tincture.

Also, these are portable. You can throw them in your backpack and head out to go hiking or to a music festival or a soccer game or whatever, and just pop one in your mouth when you’re ready. Oils are great but it’s not something that you’re going to take with you to a ball game.

When people come to our site, often times they come looking for CBD oil. When they arrive there, they find all these other products like Relax gummy bears that just make it more fun and interesting. They can choose their favorite flavors and shapes, and just looking through them all can be fun. If you like sour candy we have Relax sour gummies. If you like sweet candy we have things like Relax gummy watermelon slices.

The Relax GUmmies products, in particular, are formulated to help people relax maybe after a stressful day at work or before bedtime, or when they’re feeling anxious. If you can enjoy a piece of candy and at the same time reduce your stress and anxiety and relax, it’s a win-win.



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