Popular CBD dog treats and other pet products

By November 28, 2019Articles, CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) for dogs is becoming more popular, with top hemp-based CBD brands manufacturing a variety of quality products, including CBD dog treats, sprays, and tincture oils.

Before going into detail about the different types of CBD pet product, you should never, ever give your cats or dogs your own CBD oils or edibles. While it may seem harmless, regular CBD products are made with humans in mind, not pets. These products could contain ingredients that canines and felines cannot tolerate.

For example, some CBD products have trace levels of THC – the psychoactive compound is permitted in concentrations up to 0.3 percent. That’s perfectly fine for us humans, but even a small amount of this intoxicating chemical could cause unforeseen consequences in pets. There simply isn’t much research, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, you’re giving CBD to your pet to improve their health!

Now we’ve covered this really important, let’s look more closely at the veterinarian-formulated CBD products on the market.

CBD dog treats

Most pet owners will know all about the struggles of getting their four-legged companion to take their medicine. And indeed, many mainstream treatments simply don’t taste good enough for your pet to find them appealing! But that’s not the case with CBD dog treats.

These CBD-infused edibles are typically infused with natural flavorings, such as chicken, bacon, and salmon. There’s no unpleasant earthy, hemp flavor in CBD dog snacks, and that’s why your canine will keep coming back for more! These treats can be given to your pet at any time of day, although you may wish to schedule it around their mealtimes. Edibles are ideal as you’ll always know how much CBD your pet is taking in, and whether it’s necessary to adjust the dose.

CBD pet sprays

Sprays are another convenient way of treating your pet with CBD. If you’re really lucky, you may be able to get your pet to stay still long enough for you to spray the formula directly into their mouth. But if you aren’t so fortunate, simply spray it on top of their food (preferably wet food) or into their water. Each spray will release the same set amount of CBD extract, with the exact dosage varying from product to product.

CBD tincture oils

Sometimes styled as CBD drops, tinctures are a classic CBD oil product. Again, you can give this to your pet directly, or mix it in with their food or water. Tincture oils come with a dropper on the bottle cap, which holds a certain quantity of CBD – brands may state the dosage per drop, per full dropper, or both. Tincture oils are often flavored to make them tastier for pets, although unflavored options are generally available too.

Final thoughts

CBD has huge promise for pet, although we’re still in the early days of research. However, from experimental studies and case reports from owners, CBD may help with dog seizures, anxiety, inflammation, pain, poor appetite, and lethargy.



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