Pax 3 Vaporizer Review 2020

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Pax 3 Vaporizer ReviewThe best way to describe the Pax 3 vaporizer is simple yet stylish. A device that measures a little less than 4 inches in length, holding it in the palm of the hand feels pleasant because of the rounded edges. For those who prefer keeping it hidden, the Pax 3 easily slips into a purse, pocket, and backpack. Most of those who buy the Pax 3 prefer it for its minimalist design – the absence of buttons on its surface. The most iconic aspects of the vaporizer are the sleek appearance, petal lights, and back panel magnetic connections. You can get Pax 3 vaporizer from Haze Smoke Shop with a free gift at this URL:

Notable design features

The build – crafted from anodized aluminum, the Pax 3 has a dense and solid feel. Users get to choose between the Matte and Glossy styles. If you are concerned about leaving your fingerprints all over the surface of the device, skip the glossy and stick with matte.

Lip-sensing technology – installed with a smart technology application, the Pax 3 is able to detect a user’s individual vaping style. Are you the type to take draws back-to-back? Do you prefer taking pauses in between draws? This vaporizer profiles you then make adjustments to align your experience with what you like.

Haptic feedback – when do you know when the vaporizer is ready for use? One either stay alert to catch it vibrating or monitor the petal lights for the right signal.

How to use the Pax 3

Those who describe the Pax 3 as simple must be referring to how it is used;

  • Step 1: prepare the herbs by grinding them and adding filling the chamber. This step determines the quality of the vaping experience. Pax 3 can hold between .2g and .4g. For the best experience, make a fine/medium grind and pack evenly.
  • Step 2: switch on the device. This is as simple as pressing the center of the mouthpiece down once. The same action is also used to switch it off.
  • Step 3: choose your preferred temperature by holding down the switch button for a few seconds. The device has 4 temperature points. To know which temperature setting has been selected, watch the changes on the little clover LEDs.
  • Step 4: wait for the vaporizer to heat up to the desired temperature. You will know it because of the distinct vibration and LED light points.
  • Step 5: take time to inhale as you hold your mouth over the mouthpiece.

Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

Overall performance and quality of vapor

The Pax 3 vaporizer works best if the herb is changed regularly. The best time to completely empty the device is after use. Optimally, expect the device to heat in around 15 to seconds. The good quality vapor will however only start coming after 30 seconds.  As a session draws to a close, the Pax 3 will feel warm to the touch – this is normal in small-sized vapes.

The Pax 3 lives up to its reputation of being an industry standard setter. The initial hits in every session are super in and even temperature. The quality of vapor then slowly begins to degrade becoming warmer as the session ends.

Battery performance

For sessions that last an average of 10 minutes, expect to use the Pax 3 for up to 9 times before it requires recharging. Considering that this vaporizer falls under the small size category, 80 – 90 minutes between charging is quite impressive.

The Pax 3 App

By itself, the Pax 3 vaporizer is easy to use and even beginners are able to gain access to the main features. The Pax 3 app gives you the power to customize your vaping experience. Whether you want to give it a special name, alter the interface to suit your liking, or lock it for security, the app gives you total control over the vape. To make the user experience even better, the app offers tutorials, a temperature display interface, and direct control over various aspects of the vaporizer. The following are some of the vaping modes unlocked only through the smartphone app;

  • Boost Mode – the rate of temperature change is faster. This is ideal when quickie sessions are preferred.
  • Flavor Mode – this mode preserves the quality of flavor by altering the rate at which the device heats up and cools down. To get a strong flavor, the device set in this mode only heat up when taking a draw.
  • Stealth Mode – this mode makes the cooldown time shorter which produces low odor and low vapor; an ideal pick for those who want to vape while maintaining a low profile.
  • Efficiency Mode – the temperature in the oven chamber rises by 1° over an entire session. Those who are interested in preserving battery life will find this mode quite useful.

Does the Pax 3 suit you?

This is a good vape choice for vaping on the go. It is not only easy for first-timers who are learning the habit but also preferred by those who love sharing. The 10-year warranty of the Pax 3 is an indication of its quality – users get 10 years of stress-free vaping experience. Depending on your individual style and lifestyle, users get to choose from a range of 6 colors/finishes.

Are you looking for a vape that fits into your regular lifestyle? A techie can go for one that looks like a USB pack while a make-up artist can use a lipstick look-alike.


Pax 3 review on Haze Smoke Shop suggests that, for best results every time you use the Pax 3, ensure that you clean it after every 10th session of use. If you stay for too long with cleaning it, the device will begin to stink and the draws to produces will be of low quality. The nature of concentrate used also determines how quickly the vaporizer accumulates dirt. Generally, the device should be cleaned often if inserts are used as opposed to dry herbs. The good news is that wax and oil residues are easier to clean compared to dry herbs and concentrates. This is a device that was specifically designed for those who buy quality (which other product did you ever buy that offers 10 years of warranty?)


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