One-Hitter Pipes and how they are used with Marijuana

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one hitter pipe

To any partaker of marijuana, One-hitters are an extreme extension of his or her selection, and if you are a newbie to marijuana, then you might not have heard of them. They are flexible and efficient pipes which offer different types of fun style and cater to partaker who wants a quick, slight hit of their beloved flowers. Using a one-hitter helps one to regulate dosage, maintain your stash, and keep things cool, smart, and restrained. There is more to this so-called one-hitter pipes which are comfortable and convenient.

This gadget is a tinny pipe which is also known as a “bat” or “chillum” which handles at least one hit of marijuana as the name advocates.

They are made of different substances, for example, there are those made of glass or metal, and they appear like a straight tube, with a bowl like on one end and on the other is the mouthpiece. It can be used either as a standalone, or as a part of a collection well known as “dugout.”Dugouts have an area which grips the bat and space for pre-ground marijuana; this allows one to bend the end of your one-hitter into the ground flower to comfortably load it.

They have different types of looks and also range from attractively blown glass to cigarette lookalikes for prudence.

How to Use a One-Hitter:

One-hitter is very easy to use.

The following are the steps to follow while using it:

  • Load one end of your one-hitter with ground marijuana. Ensure that your load is firm and tight, so the bud will be in a position even if the pipe is held horizontally.
  • Put the mouthpiece end against your lips and pull lightly while lighting the marijuana at the end of the pipe.
  • Puff, clinch, discharge! Relax!

Those are the three steps to follow. Tapping against the palm ashes the bat and it gets ready for the next use, or one can blow into the mouthpiece.


What are the benefits of using the one-hitter?

Prudent: These pipes have lots of advantages. Its size, make it easy for smokers to smoke in a secretive manner and can be easily be stored out of the eye. Best works with low-key smoke sash. Dissimilar to joint, it won’t left blaze an infinity steam of aromatic smoke. Not forgetting the traditional bowl, it’s not an obvious shape or size when using or rather lighting a one-hitter, you use it as if you are smoking cigarette.

Management: Bats are used to manage your stash. It’s uncomplicated to load the whole thing if one is puffing out of a bowl. The depth of your pipe determines the amount of flower you goner use. Persons who want to smoke privately or those who simply are inpatient, a whole thing can mean a half smoked-bowl, with flat, burn bud for later use.  It manages your stash by making each shot a mindful deal so you are less likely to overload and over smoke.

How to use the one-hitters in micro-dosing marijuana

One-hitters is the best when it comes to persons interested in limited dosing and still want to enjoy marijuana. One can enjoy the full effect of marijuana without much of the head-buzz by regulating the amount of intake and the correct size hit, also this is for the medical patients and impatient people. Moderate your dosing and face the day with great spirits!


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