What Massachusetts Doctor Says About Use Of Marijuana

In an interview with Dr. Tishler of InHaleMD, important questions about the use of Marijuana were asked. The doctor who has a strong traditional medical background from Harvard medical school and Harvard college is also fully trained in internal medicine at Women’s Hospital in Boston. He was further led to practice Marijuana medicine after spending 15 years as a VA ER doctor.

According to Dr. Tishler, the use of Marijuana for medicinal purposes in Massachusetts began in 2012 and this was followed by the unveiling of dispensaries in 2015. It appears that the use of Marijuana to treat diseases is gaining popularity at a higher rate and, even Trump administration cannot stop it. Dr. Tishler believes that it is easy to stop the use of other forms of illegal drugs and perhaps stop the use of Marijuana for recreational needs but it will not be easy to do the same for medical marijuana.

Through his experience as a doctor, Tishler says that Medical Marijuana can be so helpful to patients and can also help with serious medical conditions only if taken under the supervision of an experienced physician. Medical marijuana helps with pain relief, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Marijuana will still work well even when used together with other drugs meant for treatment of anxiety and depression. Other complications that can be treated include; vomiting, nausea, weight loss, poor appetite and cancer-associated complications.

As to whether Marijuana is addictive or not, Dr. Tishler believes that there is a big difference between dependence formation and addiction. Marijuana causes dependence and this only happens to 7 to 9% of users, the rate of dependence is higher among young adults and adolescents which is why the use of Marijuana is discouraged among teenagers who are not very ill. It important to note the dependent rate decreases significantly as users grow up.

The kind of behaviors attached to addiction is something that cannot be found in the use of Marijuana, and therefore Marijuana is not addictive like alcohol which according to Dr. Tishler has a double dependence rate that of Marijuana. According to the doctor, any drug can be a gateway to illicit drugs but this depends greatly on the user. Most people who get themselves using hard drugs under most circumstances started with smoking cigarettes and, drinking alcohol and not using Marijuana.

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During the discussion, Dr. Tishler stated that Marijuana has become more potent now than in the previous years, he even provided an example wherein the early 1960s the level of THC in marijuana increased from 3% to about 9%  by the year 1980.Presently the level has risen to 20%. There was fear this increase in potency could lead to high dependency rate but, that is something that is yet to be seen. Tishler also believes that THC needs other chemicals like CBD in order to be effective for medicinal purposes, which is why the higher level of THC may not be good as it eliminates the recommended balance required between the cannabinoids.

There is no evidence that Marijuana causes cancer, in fact, more cases of lung cancer are linked to smoking tobacco. There is also no proven evidence that the use of Marijuana can cause depression. Doctor Tishler believes that the question of depression and use of Marijuana depends more on the level of dosage.

Concerning the safer methods of taking Marijuana, Dr. Tishler believes that vaping is the safest method since it does not have all the extra elements that come with smoking. When vaporizing it is equally important to ensure that the vaping machine being used is safe since defective machines will burn Marijuana resulting in loss of key chemicals and also cause the formation of harmful products.

Dr. Tishler is confident that the rules and regulations of Marijuana use that is coming soon to Massachusetts will be good but may still need more changes as time goes by. The main issues that Tishler fears may be overshadowed by the upcoming regulations are; easy to access to medical Marijuana by patients, treatment tools and the high quality of medication.

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