Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler: One Love, One Bubbler

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marley natural smoked bubbler

Marley Natural is a cannabis and lifestyle brand created in the ethos and style of Bob Marley to integrate nature’s goodness with the human body through premium products that work with cannabis and CBD and, as the Marleys call it, “the herb”. This Smoked Bubbler is the brand’s official bubbler product, entirely unique and handcrafted from glass.

A light and delicate glass design, this comes gift boxed and features the Marley Natural emblem. Its wide bowl allows easy usage: fill up the bubbler with water, grind up your herbs and place them into the dish. Light the bowl with the herbs and inhale for a beautiful consumption experience with this premium glassware. You can inhale as much or as little as you like, to best suit your personal consumption appetite and requirements.

What’s more, the bubbler is easy to clean, too. Mixing isopropyl alcohol and water and using cotton buds dipped in the solution to clean the bowl and mouthpiece is quick and easy, and can be wiped dry with paper towels. With any leftover solution, pour this into the bubbler itself and swirl a few times, then give a good rinse with clean water and leave to dry out. Should you have any specialist cleaning wipes or solution available, these too can be used on this equipment to sterilise between uses.

The Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler is a stunning piece and looks great as well as offers a great inhalation experience. This is a premium item and something that would make a great gift for an experienced and cultured user who really knows their stuff and appreciates the finer things in life! You need not be a recreational user however; those who use CBD and herb for medicinal purposes will also appreciate the craftmanship and easy usage this bubbler offers, and it’s a great alternative to a more traditional pipe product.

Marley Natural is the official brand of the Marley family and is extremely well respected. Bob Marley was quoted as saying “herb is the unification of mankind”, and the brand’s products and services aim to celebrate the best of nature to cannabis users of all types. Inspired by the vibrancy of Jamaica, the Marleys call themselves “agents of change” and through their products look to promote positivity, connectivity and personal transformation to customers.

The Marley Natural range of products are available for purchase online and at select locations in California, Oregon and Washington, dependent on local legislation and rules. The full range of Marley Natural products includes cannabis whole flowers, pre-rolls, CBD cartridges, and a small collection of premium smoking and inhalation equipment

Marley Natural is considered the best of the best when it comes to CBD consumption, of course boosted by the reputation of Bob himself!


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