Lowell Cafe and Cold Pressed Cannabis Oil

By September 23, 2019Articles, CBD, Featured

The marijuana and cannabis industry is continuing to grow all over the United States. As usage of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes is continuing to be legalized in states across the county, including California, the trend is only going to continue. This is leading to the introduction of many new products that people were not aware of before. One product that is continuing to increase in popularity is cold-pressed cannabis oil.


What is Cold-Pressed Cannabis Oil?

The cold-pressed cannabis oil is a popular cannabis oil that can be consumed a number of different ways. The most common way that it is consumed today is by burning and smoking it in a process that is very similar to any other cannabis oil. This is often a preferred method for using cannabis products as it does not come with the same smell of smoke that traditionally comes with smoking marijuana.


How is it Made?

The process of developing cold-pressed cannabis oil is a very interesting one. A key feature of this oil is that the production process is far more natural than other cannabis oils. When creating this oil, which is done through a proprietary process, an organic cannabis flower is placed into a deep freezer. While it is fully frozen, the flower is then placed through a water hashing process and is then cold-pressed to squeeze out the resulting oil. This differs from other oil extraction processes that requires it to be heated up and chemical extraction.

What are the Benefits of Cold-Pressed Cannabis Oil?

This oil provides a variety of benefits to those that love cannabis products. Compared to other cannabis products, it provides a different flavor and consistency that gives you a more natural reaction. In reality, this provides you with an experience that is as close as possible to smoking the original raw marijuana plant. Additionally, the product burns clean and is completely free of butane and other common additives, which helps to keep it natural and healthy to use. The cold-pressed cannabis oil is a great option for someone that is looking to relax. It is commonly used by those that are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other symptoms that can be improved through the use of cannabis.


One great cold-pressed cannabis oil product to consider is the cold-pressed live Rosin Sauce, which was developed by Lowell Farms. This product comes with a disposable vape pen, which makes it very easy and affordable for you to use in any environment. This product was developed to ensure that it preserved the full cannabinoids, which helps to ensure that it tastes a lot like the original flower that it was produced from.


When you are looking for any type of cannabis or CBD product, you should come to Lowell Farms and the Lowell Café. When you come here, you will be able to enjoy organic, natural, and high quality marijuana in a relaxing environment. The Lowell Café, which is located in the heart of West Hollywood, is the first cannabis restaurant in the United States. There is a wide range of marijuana products to choose from and unique food options that were designed by the world-famous chef Andrea Drummer.


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