Is the PAX 2 Vaporizer Still Worth Buying?

By July 7, 2018Articles

pax 2 vaporizer worth buying

There’s no doubt that PAX Labs are market leaders in the vaporizer industry, but with the launch of the PAX 3, its predecessor, the PAX 2 has taken a bit of a backwards step in terms of sales. So, is it still worth making the purchase for a PAX 2 vaporizer even though a newer model is now available? We think it is, and as we address its key features and technical specification here, we know you’ll soon agree that the PAX 2 is not to be frowned at – even if there is a newer kid on the block.

Many dispensaries and relevant shops will recommend the PAX 2 as a ‘go-to’ vaporizer for those looking to enjoy a premium vape experience without having to spend a small fortune. The launch of the PAX 3 has seen this model drop in price by up to 50% depending on retailer, so it’s a total bargain for its functionality!

A dry herb vaporizer, you can store 0.35grams in the vape. The stainless steel conduction heater reaches full temperature within just 45 seconds, and the product’s four initial temperature levels range from 180°C to 215°C. A coloured LED indicator on the PAX 2’s exterior indicates when its ready to use, moving from purple to green to display its progress. PAX Labs have made their focus to use only the highest quality of materials within the PAX 2 conduction vaporizer, to deliver a hit that’s smooth and flavourful but as efficient as possible. They’ve definitely achieved this here, and at its new low price, you won’t get more bang for your buck elsewhere. It’s a budget price, but definitely not a budget product.

The ease of use really does make the PAX 2 vaporizer the ideal portable accessory. Remove the magnetic oven lid, pop your dry herbs inside (preferably finely ground to draw best on the vape’s smooth pull). Replace the lid, power the PAX 2 on, and select your desired temperature setting; then start vaping when it’s heated! The motion-sensor technology within allows the PAX 2 to know when you’ve finished use, so it’ll go into standby by itself without you having to take any further action.

With a gorgeous smart matte finish and a USB charger that lasts up to 2 hours and charges to full in less, the PAX 2 vaporizer makes for a great all-round package when it comes to a dry herb vape. Where other products on the market seem to compromise one feature for another, or to dumb everything down for a lower price tag, the PAX 2 has been made more affordable organically, making it high quality portable vaporizer at a lower price. The money its natural reduction saves you can be better spent on either accessories or more herbs to boost your experience!


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