Is CBD Oil Made From Marijuana?

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cbd oil from marijuana

Cannabidiol or CBD is not manufactured but is a natural constituent that is obtained from Cannabis. There are two different plants under cannabis that is hemp and marijuana. Both of them produces CBD. So, YES CBD OIL CAN BE MADE FROM MARIJUANA.

CBD constitutes major portion of the hemp plant that is about 40%. Though this extract of plant is known since 1940 but its pharmaceutical uses were not highlighted. It is recently, this year that is 2018 the food and drugs department of United States has approved CBD extracted from hemp plant as a prescription drug and is commonly termed as Epidiolex but that of the CBD derived from marijuana is not yet legalised.

The write up below will help you learn more about cbd oil and how is it different based on it’s different sources.

How CBD from Marijuana is different From That Of CBD From Hemp:

CBD extracted from either of the plants that is hemp and marijuana can be used to make the bi products such as CBD nuts, CBD oil and CBD oil supplements. The difference being that the products made from Marijuana comes with a restriction to be used within the United States while CBD oil and other supplements that are made from hemp plant can be exported internationally.

To make the CBD oil, hemp is imported internationally that has high concentration of CBD and only that CBD oil can be exported beyond state boundaries else the CBD oil made from hemp grown in United States comes with the same restriction as that of CBD oil made from marijuana that is to be used within the state.

To let people know about the difference between CBD extracted from two different sources an active campaign was carried out. It spread the required awareness amongst the people. Based on several research the concluding differences between the CBD from marijuana and hemp plant are stated below:

  • Hemp plant contains less than 3% of THC whereas Marijuana contains 3% or more THC. Though, it is said that cannabidiol remains the same compound irrespective of THC concentration.
  • One of the another study reveals that oil derived from hemp plant is dirty compared to that of marijuana which is much more clean. It is not yet confirmed it is because of the extracts from different plants or the level of contaminants or pesticides that creates the difference in purity level.

There is no proper certification that defines the effect of level of THC in the oil. Though hemp oil has the organic certification but for the marijuana oil it is not yet certified by US food and drugs department. There is no other party who gives the organic certificate.

Marijuana CBD oil is used locally in the state with no side effects but it’s not legalized to be transported that makes the use limited to a region.

The benefits of the CBD oil that is extracted from hemp are numerous and all are known till date. It has found its wide use for various purpose.

Final Words:

To have the complete assurity about the CBD oil it is important to carry out proper and recommended tests in the laboratory while manufacturing the drugs from the plant seeds. It is highly essential to check the level of contaminants and pesticides used. The plants that are grown in the eco friendly way with the use of bio products makes it completely fit for use.

If the growing environments, manufacturing details and necessary tests are taken proper care of the end product is highly useful CBD oil that has several benefits and results are so beneficial that it can be used regularly.


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