How To Use A Bong In 3 Key Steps

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Marijuana bong use has become very popular in consuming weed today. If you are a cannabis smoking enthusiast, you know how to use a bong and dab rigs. However, using a bong for the first time can be confusing. If you have never used a glass bong, you might have many questions about it. Questions can be where do I start? How will it affect my health? And what’s the right amount of water I need to add? In this article, you’re going to learn how to use a bong in easy steps for a more relaxed smoking experience. 

But Before You Hit Your Bong, You Need To Know This

For you to get the best results while using your glass bong there are several aspects you need to think about. 

Find The Perfect Fit

Glass bongs are the same thing as glass water pipes which is for dry weed. Dab rigs as known as oil rigs are similar to glass bongs, but rigs that tend to be smaller are for wax, oil and concentrates. Glass bongs come in different sizes and shapes. Though they almost work the same way, they all bring different vapor and flavor results. You need to know if you got to choose a zigzag shape, mini bong or hookahs among others to get your desired vape experience. 

Straight tube bongs and beaker bongs are the two common shapes you’ll find when buying a new one. Going for glass bongs with a highly functional thick and clear glass is a great idea. These have percolators for perfect water filtration and diffusion, such as honeycomb, tornado, tree percs. If you need to find new glass bongs for sale online, online headshops are the best places to shop weed bongs. Most online head shops have a wide variety of glass bongs and water pipes. It is really easy to buy it online now, and your order will be delivered in a few days. Some online headshops even offer free shipping and “buy now and pay later” options.

The bowl piece or slide is the next big thing to look for. They come in different shapes, styles, colors, and sizes and you ought to give it a clear look to get what works for your vape needs. Also, look at the joint size and shape. Many people forget to check on this. You may not know much about this. Just select the same size and the opposite gender of your bong joint. 

Need For More Pleasant Taste

If all you want is that pleasant taste that drives you crazy, you may think of using something slightly different from water. For instance, some pineapple juice might give you the hit of the day. 

Consider how many you are in your cycle and pack the right amount of weed as you conveniently fit in your bowl piece. If you’re doing it alone, you can still enjoy the buzz with your favorite cannabis strain with no one judging your intentions. 

And now, Your preparation is done

Vape moments are personal in a way you’ve got yourself to determine the buzz you want. Here, it’s all about personal preferences. Nothing more! You see, you got to choose the right bong size and shape and put the right amount of water. Finally, do the amounts of weed that will make you feel the top of the world. 

At this point, you can now learn how to use a bong.

How To Use Your Bong In Simple Steps

Learning how to use glass bongs is a broad topic because of the different bong brands available in the market today. Learning about the different bong options available for you and how each impact your smoking experience is a great milestone. Bongs come unique designs and functionality but the overall goal is to help users experience great vape moments. You’ll find some in a simple glass while others come in numerous chambers. Which is the ideal piece for you? Ask the experts. 

Step By Step Guide On How To Use A Bong

  • Add water

This is the initial step and you need to get the water to the proper level to ensure that you don’t get in touch with water when inhaling the smoke. Do not add too much or too little water in your bong. Usually, you need to add water slightly above the percolator or downstream slits. You test hit only with water and see if the water doesn’t touch your mouth. 

  • Add Marijuana

Now you are satisfied with the water level, add marijuana in the glass bowl. For best results, consider using a weed grinder to break your cannabis into even pieces that won’t get your bowl clogged up. Also, ground marijuana will get burn evenly. Since you need proper airflow to burn your marijuana evenly, ensure that you do not over pack the bowl. 

If you are using a bong for the first time, you need to know that with this particular tech, a little hub can give you a huge hit and so you need to start with a small amount and increase on the amount of weed you put in your bong bowl progressively. 

  • Light your bowl up

Get your lighter and light the hemp wick that will give you the pure taste of cannabis. This will light your dry weed evenly and within no time. While you are burning the weed, you slowly taking a hit first. The smoke will build up in the chamber. At this point, you can now remove the bowl piece start inhaling all the remaining smoke as you suck ramen noodle. Once you inhale all the smoke, hold it for a few moments and release your breath. Wait for a few minutes and see if you start feeling high. If you feel like that one bowl pack didn’t give you the desired feelings, you can repeat the process till you get the huge hit you’ve always wanted.

What to do while I get high?

This is a good question. Some stoners love playing video games because weed high will help you to concentrate on something. Some might be munchie and love eating pizza, ice cream or snacks. Some like to play or listen to music. Some couples like making love, too. You should find what you love to do while you are stoned high.

Will I Die After Using A Bong Rig?

As a newbie in bong tech, it’s normal for you to feel intense and you might not be certain about what will happen to you next. It’s funny how some individuals think that they might die or even lose it along the way. No matter your feelings, smoking marijuana in overdose can never take you to your grave. You eventually get stoned and have a deep sleep.

Now, you know what to prepare and how to use a marijuana bong. Let’s start checking all kinds of cool glass bongs online and see what you like. Some people say that different bongs give you a different high. Therefore, you might like to start collecting different kinds of weed bongs.


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