Glass Pipes: A Brief, Useful Purchasing Guide

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glass pipes purchasing guide

It can be hard to find perfect gifts for those who are true connoisseurs of a topic or pastime. If you admire someone with a fine collection of pipes, you may think there’s no point in getting them a new one because they already have a wonderful collection of wood or corncob varieties. However, you may still impress and excite them by finding a glass pipe to start a new, beautiful collection.

There are many glass pipes out there, and one is more visually striking than the next. Being able to see the smoke travel through the pipe is a unique experience, and these pipes can spark multiple conversations. When you see one, you’ll be eager to pass it on to someone special. If you plan to do so, though, first consider these suggestions.

1. Get One of Adequate Size

You may be personally enchanted with tiny glass pipes that completely fit in the palm of a hand. However, these can sometimes look prettier than they are effective for a person who smokes tobacco. When the glass pipe is too small, the bowl is emptied much more quickly and will need to be refilled before someone is satisfied with their smoking session. In addition, that tiny bowl will need to be cleaned of tar and other residue more often than other types.

However, small pipes like chillum pipes can provide a much fresher smoke than other varieties. That’s because there’s not much distance from the mouthpiece to the bowl; the tobacco is heated and then smoked right way.

2. Get A Pipe with A Carburetor

Some glass pipes are rather simple. However, if you intend for your friend to actively enjoy the pipe on a frequent basis, consider a piece with a carburetor. Carburetors inject tiny air bubbles into the smoke and give a smoke a lighter, more refreshing taste. Pipes with carburetors are sometimes called bubblers or bubbler pipes. Without the carburetor, it’s possible that too much smoke stays trapped in the stem of the pipe, creating a “stale” taste. This can make your friend less likely to use the pipe overall.

3. Look for Upgraded Glass

Simple, decorative pipes are usually made of simple glass. This glass cannot stand up to regular use, and if you settle for this, cracks and other damage could render the pipe un-smokable much sooner than you’d like.

Therefore, seek out upgraded and treated, tempered glass for your friend’s first glass pipe. Borosilicate, for example, could work well. This kind of glass is sometimes used in glass pans for baking purposes, so it is suitable for high temperatures and will be unlikely to crack during smoking, even after many uses. It will not succumb to the kind of stresses that other glass is likely to have trouble with.

The gift of a glass pipe can open up a whole world of enjoyment for your smoking aficionado friend. They may fall in love with the lovely appearance of these pipes and begin purchasing them for their own use. Just ensure that you’re using this information to help them get a high-quality pipe that serves as a good representation of the style.


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