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Due to the ban of Cannabis in almost all countries, people are now introduced to its alternative which do not have any repercussion or illegality attached to it. Cannabis in itself have been banned in almost all countries due to its high concentration of Tetrahydrocannabidiol which is very dangerous and harmful to the health. Countries that did not ban it, do not sell it but grows it for personal use and states its illegality in the country.

Cannabis consist of tetrahydrocannabidiol THC which is very injurious to health. It leaves one with a stoned feeling and causes one to behave abnormally after taking it.

Cannabis and Cannabidiol comes from same plant cannabis but while cannabis consist of high THC, CBD consist of low THC and this makes it legal and medicinal to health.

Cannabidiol known as CBD have been researched to be a cure for many dangerous diseases. Research have shown that CBD is highly medicinal and can cure diseases like cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, eating disorder, Alzheimer and glaucoma.

If you are considering taking CBD, you have to get something clear, it is not a miracle drug. What it simply does is to shrink the ailment and help reduce the pain a patient is suffering from. Most times, when it comes in contact with the sad disease, its hyperactivity counters the situation of that ailment making it insignificant over time.


CBD is generally gotten from natural resources and it may be the reason why patients have testified of its wonders.

What you need to know about CBD?   

Often times, we find ourselves with misinformation, one stating what others said without experiencing it first hand, we want to use this medium to answer questions that you might have before taking CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol which is gotten from cannabis plant with low THC and considered by medical research as medicinal and healthy for the body. CBD oil is the oil gotten from the non-psychoactive cannabiniod found in cannabis or marijuana as it is fondly called.

How is CBD oil made?

Since CBD is cannabis or marijuana, its oil is also gotten from cannabis which has a significant amount of cannabidiol in it. If one must extract CBD oil, it has to be from a rich cannabis plant, the process of extraction has its advantage and disadvantage.

Is CDB legal?

Due to the fact that CBD is derived from cannabis, it is considered illegal in almost all countries at the federal level but the states have made their own laws permitting the use of its oil. Since medical research have shown that it is medicinal, most states are now welcoming CBD for the ailment which it cures in the human body.

How much dosage of CBD should one take?

CBD comes in different forms, capsules, tablets, liquid and can only be prescribed through a physician who knows about the patient’s ailment. On the dosage, it is advised to start with 20 drops twice a day and you can also try out other forms of usage to find out what works for you. CBD oil has 98% absorption rate since it goes directly into the bloodstream.

What ailment does CBD oil helps with?

As stated above, CBD oil have been said to be able to cure diseases but that is through the testimonials of patients but no scientific result have proven that. From these testimonies, CBD oil can help people with conditions like; cancer, bipolar disorder, anxiety, chronic pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, depression, seizures, arthritis, inflammation, anorexia, Alzheimer, Pakinson’s disease, nausea and stress.

Is CBD oil safe?

As much as can be said, CBD oil is safe but when purchasing it, make sure that the company you are buying it from have tested it from third party lab and have no problem showing you their lab result. The products also have to be free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Furthermore, CBD oil will not get one high or stoned rather it will keep you afloat and counters the side effect of drugs taken prior to taking it. It is really important that you acquire CBD oil from a right and trusted source as there are CBD oil that has a low quality. If you have to acquire it, then do it from a source that will give you the best as there are many benefits derived from CBD oil.


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