Cosmetics with CBD – what can you love them for?

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More and more people – young, but not only – want to go back to using natural products and enjoy the benefits. One of the most interesting natural substances that can be found with cosmetics is CBD oil.

What is CBD oil in general?

CBD is a legal and the most important active substance of hemp with a very wide spectrum of activity. Of the several hundred substances detected in hemp, CBD has the strongest health properties. CBD oil from hemp is not psychoactive and is used as a versatile therapeutic agent without fear of changes in consciousness. Cannabidiol (CBD) in contrast to THC does not cause side effects, does not intoxicate and is not addictive. CBD is a completely safe ingredient in hemp that mimics the effects of naturally occurring substances in the human body. Substances with similar effects and chemical structure can be found in the body of every human being, and even in breast milk. Cannabidiol oil is perfectly tolerated by the human body and its overdose is impossible. CBD is a vegetable oil that can only be found in hemp in nature.

What are the CBD cosmetics known for?

Hemp extract stimulates the body’s activity to fight free radicals that bombard the skin, causing it to age and blocking renewal processes. By stimulating the activity of the endocannabinoid system, it affects the silencing of skin hyperreactivity and allergic reactions. Hemp oil has strong regenerating and moisturizing properties. It accelerates the healing of micro-injuries and prevents water loss, without clogging skin pores. Thanks to the use of hemp cosmetics, each skin becomes healthier, more elastic and protected against the influence of external factors, and in the case of chronic dermatological diseases, such as allergies, acne, eczema, sores, psoriasis, it manages to achieve a therapeutic effect. Cosmetics from CBD also cope well with the symptoms of passing time, such as wrinkles, discoloration and loss of luster. Extracts and hemp oil are also good for children and babies skin care.

What raw materials are found in these cosmetics?

Cosmetics from CBD are made of the highest quality vegetable raw materials from organic cultivation. In addition to hemp, they contain extracts and oils from other herbs as well as moisturizing and nurturing ingredients with proven effectiveness. They are devoid of unnecessary chemical additives and meet the standards of requirements for natural cosmetics. It should be emphasized that all these cosmetics are completely legal – they are made using industrial hemp oil, whose cultivation is legal, because they contain only traces of THC. Remember, however, always buy cosmetics from CBD from a reliable source. It is not worth trying to save money by buying something from a seller who does not have the appropriate certificates. Only stores specializing in the sale of hemp oil products deserve your attention!

Cosmetics for special tasks

In the case of CBD cosmetics (cannabidiol), we can say about their therapeutic properties. Many scientific studies indicate that the permeability of individual cannabinoids differs. It was observed that CBD and CBN combined with additives that increase skin permeability brings a strongly regenerating effect. CBD in cosmetics integrates into the cell membrane which determines the basic proper hydration and strengthening the protective barrier of the skin. It accelerates the process of rebuilding damaged skin and strongly stimulates the fight against free radicals. It is also a natural protection against UV rays. This is important, for example, when we are going to a very sunny place, but also every day – even during a normal walk, we are exposed to solar radiation, which accelerates the aging of the skin.

CBD oil is a wonderful ingredient – no wonder that it is now added to so many cosmetics. It is hard to say that any product on the market was free from defects, but … if it is, it is definitely hemp oil!


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