CBD Edibles in Australia: Everything you need to know

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CBD Edibles in Australia

As the Australian government slowly moves towards the legalization of CBD across the country, many cannabidiol companies have been established and nowadays it is possible to purchase a wide range of hemp-derived products anywhere from Perth to Sydney.  CBD oils and sublingual tinctures are certainly popular, but edibles and topicals are also on the rise as their benefits become better known among users.

CBD edibles in Australia are currently sold online, as dispensaries are still subject to restrictions in the country. However, local customers can have quality products delivered to their doorstep within 2-5 business days and start enjoying the benefits of cannabidiol right away.

Why Should I Purchase CBD Edibles?

Cannabidiol edibles are commonly criticised for not having the high levels of bioavailability of sublingual tinctures and vape oils. However, CBD-infused chocolates and other delicious treats are perfect for anyone who wants a seamless and easy way to take in their daily dose of cannabidiol without the bitter taste of raw hemp oils or the mess of refillable vaporizers.

Down to Earth -one of the most renowned CBD companies in Australia- has developed a cannabidiol-infused honey with all the beneficial properties of cannabidiol, reishi mushrooms and cinnamon. This product is great to fight infections, promote a better sleep quality and boost your immune system. Furthermore, its ingredients are natural anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Adding a couple of teaspoons to your cup of tea can be the answer to joint pains and other common conditions

While it is true that CBD in edibles takes longer to be absorbed into the bloodstream, passing through the entire digestive system allows it to stay in the body for a longer time.

Are CBD Edibles Legal in Australia?

While Australian legislation has stayed behind the CBD legalization drive of the United States, Canada and Western Europe, it is now legal to import cannabidiol products made from pure hemp seeds as long as they contain less than 75mg/kg of CBD and 50mg/kg of THC. Products with higher concentrations of cannabidiol can also be consumed in the country, but they require a medical prescription which is not easy to obtain.

Which CBD Edibles are the Best?

While online purchasing has a lot of advantages, the fact is that it is easy to fall for companies with dubious quality standards. Before placing any order, make sure to read the reviews of previous customers and carefully verify the ingredients and manufacturing processes. The best CBD edibles are made from organic hemp grown under controlled conditions and selected carefully.

Once you made sure the company you are planning to buy from complies with the relevant quality standards and has positive customer reviews, the only thing you need to do is find the treat that appeals you the most. Whether you are a chocolate lover or a gummy fan, there are many different choices with varying levels of CBD concentrations.


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