Arizer Argo Vaporizer – Arizer is Killing it!

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The new ArGo, short for Arizer Go, is the 5th vape creation from the famous Canadian Vaporizer company Arizer. Approximately as big as a business card with a width of less than one inch, this vaporizer features an all glass vapor path, removable battery, and a precise temperature control. Arizer Go has been meticulously designed to be as compact as possible so that it can comfortably fit into your pocket. From the overall appearance of the product, it is quite obvious that Arizer has focused on portability for this particular vaporizer, a feature where rest of their products struggle. Let’s dive in and see if this is really as practical as

Arizer promises it to be!

How to use ArGo?

In order for you to load ArGo, you need to expose the glass tube by pushing down the mouthpiece guard. Pull the tube out from the heating chamber so that you can load the dish at the bottom with your herbs. Once you are done with that, you can push the aroma tube back into its original place. There are “M” and “+” buttons on the vaporizer that need to be pressed and held in order to turn the device on. The screen illuminates and you see a countdown. Continue holding both buttons until you hear a beep and are greeted with a smiley on the screen. The temperature can be set by pressing “+” and “-” buttons. The ArGO usually takes approximately one and a half minute to heat up to your desired temperature, and it beeps to let you know. The glass mouthpiece can be then used to take draws.


Arizer has impressively managed to squeeze all of their popular design elements into this vaporizer. Just like Air 2 and Solo 2, Arizer Go has a signature glass mouthpiece. The filling process is simple and easy. One thing that gives ArGo an edge over its bulkier counterparts is its ability to pop the top of the vaporizer up in order to protect the mouthpiece. The precise temperature controls, clear OLED screen, and interchangeable 18650 battery make Arizer Go one of a kind. Just carry a spare battery and swap it with the one that dies – SIMPLE! There is nothing in this design that is not portable friendly.

Vapor Quality

The glass aroma tube, just like the rest of vaporizers from Arizer family, ensure a flavorful and pure session from your first draw to the very last one. It preserves the flavor during the session better than Air 2 and Solo 2. However, it might take a little longer than other vaporizers to complete a session. Therefore, you are suggested to dry your herbs prior in a de-humidor for better results. To finish a bowl in ArGo, a session with take around 15 minutes on average.

Battery Life

The battery in this model is similar to that of Arizer Air 2, and it lasts for about an hour and twenty five minutes. The first session usually takes longer with ArGo. Therefore, you might be able to go through more sessions with Air 2. Due to longer session, ArGo lack a little in visible vapor production. However, the features that set it apart are definitely a removable battery, digital display, and a glass tube.

Finally, we can say Arizer Go Vaporizer is the best suited product as per your needs.


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