Acrylic VS Glass BONGS

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ACRYLIC glass bongs

With a variety of bongs on the market coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, choosing the one for you is no simple task as they all come with different pros and cons. The two most popular bongs on the market are made from acrylic and glass. Here we will go through the pros and cons of each, so whether you’re a beginner or a pro, by the end of this article you will have a clearer idea which bong is the right one for you.

The main difference between acrylic and glass bongs is both the material they’re made from and their price range so if you’re looking for either a generally inexpensive bong or a flashy bong to splash some cash we have them covered here.

Acrylic Bongs

Made from mass produced plastic, acrylic bongs are the cheaper option and provide incredible durability. This makes them suitable for when you’re on the go. These are typically better suited for casual users, beginners and those who want a separate bong for home and for on the go, so you can enjoy the session without breaking the bank. Compared to glass bongs, the acrylic versions are generally a lot easier to maintain and clean.

The main disadvantages of acrylic bongs, while being incredibly portable and durable the quality of your smoke is poorer when compared to glass bongs. This doesn’t mean that your session will be terrible, but if you own both a glass and acrylic bong you will be able to tell the difference. Along with the quality of smoke being poorer in comparison to glass bongs the general feel of the bong will be of a lower quality and it’s not likely your acrylic bong will turn any of your friends heads if you want to show it off.

Glass Bongs

High quality glass bongs are cherished amongst the smoking community, coming in a variety of shapes colors sizes and designs glass bongs have transformed from a piece of glassware to an accessory around your house. Compared to acrylic bongs the quality of smoke is substantially better and the flavour lasts for longer and is stronger.

It is recommended that your glass bong however, for obvious reasons, should stay in your house as breaking it when you’re on the go is almost inevitable. Alongside this they are generally very expensive so unless you’ve got money to burn you will be saving for a while to afford a sophisticated and flashy bong.

Which one is for you?

For any smoker, whether you choose a glass or an acrylic bong you will have an enjoyable session as both come with a variety of advantages. For days when you’re on the go acrylic bongs are your best option. If you’re looking for strong flavours to be the star of the show, a glass bong is the one for you. It all depends on your preferences and while some can afford both, often the decision is between practicality and quality.


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