A Look Into The Surging Legal Hemp Flower Market

By December 26, 2019Articles

People are always looking for herbs that can help them in improving the quality of their life. One such herb that allows people to stay away from many diseases and medical conditions is cannabis. No one can deny the fact that cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. When we talk about cannabis, most people think of smoking weed. However, the truth be told, there is much more to marijuana than just smoking it.

Marijuana stands strong with incredible health benefits for the body that is why the market growth of this plant is thriving every day. Many business people are looking at it as a cash crop and planning to invest in it in the future.

Why do people use marijuana?

As already discussed, this plant stands concrete with multiple health benefits for the body. Marijuana has THC as an active ingredient that helps in fighting many diseases. Those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, arthritis, muscle aches, insomnia, body pains, constipation, and obesity can use this herb. Marijuana is used in a variety of ways in today’s time. Traditionally, people only knew about smoking weed. In this day and age, marijuana fans incorporate it in food, desserts and beverages.

What is the net worth of the marijuana industry?

You will be surprised to know that the net worth of the marijuana industry is expected to cross $66.3 billion by 2025. Currently the market worth of this plant stands concrete at $31 billion. The demand for this plant is skyrocketing, and number of consumers continues to rise. According to recent survey, more than 160 million people consume this herb every day.

Is marijuana legal?

No one can deny the fact that legalization of marijuana in several countries is a driving force that has inflated the current net worth. The legalization of marijuana in several states of the US has instigated massive growth in the production of the plant. Though marijuana stands concrete with many medical benefits, unfortunately, there are many countries that have still not joined the bandwagon to legalize this plant. Some of the countries where weed is illegal are Afghanistan, Bahamas, Dominica, Ireland, Latvia, Mauritius, Madagascar, Oman, Namibia, Palau and Panama. GoogleIHF LLC, if you want to know how industrial hemp farms produce marijuana.

Why is marijuana’s sale increasing?

The reason behind hemp’s increasing sales is because it is cheap. In today’s time, people are looking for cheaper methods to get rid of severe medical conditions. Gone are the days when people would splurge on medical treatments. Today, they are looking for ways that can help them in improving the quality of life at a lower cost. Secondly, the side effects of marijuana are negligible. If you don’t know, some of the common side effects experienced by a lot of frequent consumers are lower blood pressure, bloatedness, itching etc.

Another interesting thing to note here is that marijuana is also given to animals. Especially dogs who are suffering from anxiety issues, depression, body pains or injuries; are given marijuana. So not only humans but animals also add to the list of marijuana fans. The global popularity of this plant is so elaborate that any farm bill or government effort to scrutinize this plant won’t bring any change.


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