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The world is changing fast, especially in the ever-changing, or should I say ever-growing (pardon the overused pun), world of Cannabis Seeds and Marijuana legalisation across the globe. Uruguay were the first country in the world to go down the legalisation route with other countries following suit and leading the way at the same time such as Canada and some states in the USA.

Here in the UK, you tend to find we’re not far behind anything the USA does. The current situation here is that as of 1st November 2018, the law changed here on medicinal Cannabis. Based on a report in The Independent Newspaper here, medicinal Cannabis was moved from schedule 1, meaning it has no medicinal value, to stage 2, which allows doctors to prescribe them under certain circumstances.

A key driver behind this change was the various stories in the news which focussed on the plight of some young kids and their families who had conditions like epilepsy. Parents would be seen to be risking the law to help their ill children, with some buying on the black market in the UK, or even going abroad and trying to bring it back home with them.

The public seemed to take a sympathetic view to this helping to pave the way to partial legalisation. On top of that, programmes were starting to appear on UK national TV that talked of the benefits of Cannabis. Even popular UK TV programmes like Emmerdale started running stories featuring an old man with suffering from a sore back growing his own cannabis seeds, which further helped to break down barriers and stigmas with the masses.

This all said, there have been follow up reports of medical marijuana being under-prescribed.  Due to bureaucracy and red tape (and some argue the lack of education provided to Doctors), only around 100 prescriptions, if that, have been issued since legalisation.

A debate which has opened up on the back of this is that is it affordable and cost-effective. This argument will no doubt rumble on and on, but if you even take a non-scientific stance and head to youtube, you can clearly see the benefits to some people when it comes to seizures and parkinsons disease. You can see that when they take the CBD based product, their symptoms almost immediately disappear.

So, what does the future hold? Well, just recently some UK government ministers travelled to Canada to find out how things had gone since legalisation. These cross-party MP’s wanted to go and find out for themselves what the positive impacts might be. In summary, they seemed to have all bought into it, and reckoned that it should be fully legal in the UK from both a medical and recreational standpoint, within 5 to 15 years.

This is clearly great news.

In addition to the medical benefits, it’s going to be interesting to watch society adapt to the recreational changes too. For me, it’s a godsend, as it will / should help people move from alcohol (and the ills it causes from things like disease to fighting in the streets of a drunken Saturday night) to a more chilled out and happy existence on Cannabis.

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Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries – please check the laws of your country and don’t be growing any plants if it is against your country’s laws


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