A Green Way to Grow Green Cannabis

Grow Green Cannabis

Growing cannabis is a lengthy process that relies on having the right resources and climate control to nourish its growth. You need water, light, nutrients, and the proper humidity for premium-quality buds. However, all of these take a toll on the environment:

  • Artificial light sources consume electricity and emit heat
  • Cannabis requires lots of water for an ideal growth rate.
  • Climate-control fans similarly consume electricity in droves.
  • Cannabis growth results in organic and non-organic waste.

These factors not only affect the environment but also affect your finances—big time. Your electricity bill will spike up astonishingly after using powerful light sources and fans to sustain your cannabis patch. Even if you’re only growing a few patches and you aren’t planning on expanding to industrial size, the cost of electricity will still bloody your nose.

There are, however, ways to address these issues and grow your cannabis in a much more sustainable manner. BudStars.com recommends the following tips:

Cost-effective methods of growing cannabis

Clearly, you’d prefer avoiding financial destitution and reducing your environmental footprint while growing your cannabis. Here’s what you can do to address the issues above:

  • Use fans or a passive intake system to regulate the temperature of your cannabis patch. The fresh air will also eliminate the heat produced by the grow lights and reduce the build-up of remnant CO2-depleted air.

Depending on the size of your room and the number of cannabis patches, a more significant number or stronger fans might be needed.

  • Use water conservatively and effectively by using hydroponics and reverse osmosis. Alternatively, you can recycle external rainwater to boost your water conservation efforts further. Mixing vermiculite into the soil will improve the water retention factor of the soil, as well.
  • Switch between artificial and natural light sources. You can do this by placing your plants near a window or moving them outside in a sunny area. If the climate permits it, of course. This way, you’ll save some big bucks on electricity.
  • Think about automating your ventilation system, grow lights, and anything else running on electricity. As long as the humidity and heat stay at an optimal level, the ventilation and the humidifiers/dehumidifiers should take a break.

The same goes for the grow lights. Using an AI to place your environment in an automation loop will not only reduce electricity consumption but also eliminate the stress of micro-management.

  • Recycle the organic waste and make compost out of it. With the compost, you can create compost tea to fertilize your plants in the most sustainable way possible. Creating your own natural soil from organic ingredients will also decrease your environmental footprint.

The organic compost tea will fertilize your plants and directly improve the growth of microorganisms in the soil, which are beneficial for the plant’s continued growth. Moreover, the microorganisms will keep pests and fungi at a distance. It’s a win-win situation!

Cannabis plants are, in reality, no different from other plants in terms of growth-required conditions. The climate control applied should be relatively the same as for other plants. However, it’s when you switch to organic soil and fertilizers that the diamonds in the rough emerge from your cannabis plant. The resulting aroma and flavor will be that of a superior breed grown in excellent conditions!

Further, reduce your carbon footprint by doing this

Up until now, while you have automated your grow lights, ventilation systems, and other electric tech you got going, they’re still running on electricity from the grid. Your carbon footprint is still not as minimal as it could be. What you could do is switch to one of the three greenest ways to produce energy:

  1. Solar Power – by installing solar panels, you can power your cannabis growth room sustainably and efficiently. While the initial costs will be taxing, long-term electricity conservation will compensate for this.
  2. Wind Power – if you think that solar panels are too expensive or if you live in a cloudy area, then perhaps wind power might help. A wind turbine will produce plenty of energy for your growth room.
  3. Hydropower – it can’t go much greener than this. If you’re living near a stream or another open-world water supply, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it. If you’ve got the tech skills, building your own hydropower generator is also possible.

Gone are the days of growing cannabis unsustainably and harming the environment while at it. A green way to grow green cannabis provides unmatched advantages no matter where you look. If not for the superior cannabis flavor, do it for the environment at least!


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