4 Facts about CBD Honey: A New Health Wonder

By July 9, 2018Articles, CBD

Who doesn’t love honey? Think of all the hard-working bees going about their business getting pollen from flower to flower under the shining sun just so you could have that! Now imagine adding one more thing that we all love and adore to it – CBD. Here’s why everyone is buzzing on about this new kind of honey.

It not only tastes good, it also boasts of a variety of medical benefits, so make some space in your pantry for this nourishing yet delicious honey. With a spoonful of this, you’ll be taking advantage of its healing properties along with an immune boost thanks to cannabidiol or CBD crystals isolate. We prepared 4 facts for you to convince you to grab a jar of CBD honey today!

What is it?

Honey is jam-packed with natural antioxidants. We can get a lot of nutrients and enzymes from it that come with many benefits. It’s a great replacement for refined sugar. With CBD’s own benefits, it’s no wonder manufacturers decided to put the two together.

Don’t know what CBD is? It’s pretty simple! CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis or hemp. Don’t let that fool you for a second because it does not get you high. The endocannabinoid system or ECS is our internal regulatory system, and CBD hemp oil can help balance and improve it. CBD can activate the receptors in the ECS, producing intense changes.

Your body will be healed through its medicinal properties. It can be used as a treatment for illnesses like anxiety, arthritis, depression and inflammation. Since cannabis still hasn’t been legalized, manufacturers make use of hemp instead. They combine the end-product with a variety of safe non-toxic substances to create new products, one of which is CBD honey!

Let’s take Ayurveda for an example. They have a tradition of using honey for herbal medication. This is because you can digest it easily. It gives you instant effects when it goes inside your blood stream. Just think of how easily it can deliver CBD’s amazing therapeutic benefits when the two are combined. That’s why more people are buying and producing CBD honey.

Why is it popular?

We tried CBD honey. No wonder it’s so popular! It tastes yummy, gives you an energy boost and soothes you in a lot of aspects such as digestion. You can find CBD honey in a lot of mainstream stores these days. The product can even be found on the menus of tea bars, coffee shops and restaurants due to its increasing popularity. One example is a bar in San Francisco that makes drinks based on tea using CBD honey. You get a warm feeling spreading throughout your body in fifteen to twenty minutes after trying it. There is no weed after-taste at all, so you’ll be revelling in the sweet honey flavor.

How do you use it?

Tea isn’t the only way you can consume CBD honey. You can use it in a special recipe, in a cheese plate, or even just straight from the jar with a spoon! There’s also no need to worry about getting stoned out of your mind because it’s non-psychoactive. And since it’s sweet, it makes an excellent alternative to sugar without giving you that unhealthy rush and headache.

Where can you buy it?

You have to be careful about purchasing CBD honey because there are a lot of fakes out there. Always check what you’re buying, because they might be putting in fake sugars and other toxic and harmful additives. If you want to buy legitimate CBD honey, make your purchase at trustworthy companies who have built their brand names.

Final Puff

In conclusion, there aren’t really any negative aspects to CBD honey at all. It has the reconstructive properties of both CBD and honey while being sweetly delicious too. The only possible con is that you’ll end up eating too much of it!

Why not make your very own CBD honey with CBD extracts, too? CBD oil is easy to purchase, and we have a lot of recipes on this site so you can make your own CBD-infused honey. Keep our website bookmarked for more great articles on CBD so you don’t miss a thing!

If you have any comments, suggestions, recommendations or questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Our team of writers is always ready to answer any queries you have about CBD.


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