8 Surprising Ways Weed Affects Men & Women Differently

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Liquor is generally predictable. When we drink a beer, we usually have an entirely decent feeling of what it will feel like. We can anticipate the impaired motor movements, the slackening of self-control, the increased mind-wandering and the buzz. In part, this is due to liquor is a firmly regulated psychoactive drug, and the content in liquor is printed on every bottle very clearly. The potency of light beer is lesser and different than that of a strong liquor.

People consider the liquor industry as a sister industry of marijuana and also think that marijuana affects people in the same manner as liquor does. But, not all drugs act in the same manner. Talking about marijuana, it can trigger dramatically various symptoms depending on the context and strain. Today we are going to discuss how marijuana affects different people.

Marijuana affects people in various ways and it is not because of size. Some examination claims that THC and estrogen have a really important relationship, giving a lift to women and how they experience the benefits of cannabis.

  1. More prone to experience psychosis

Despite the fact that men appear to win by large in potential negative impacts of cannabis, women have beaten them in one key area. According to a research, men experience cannabis-induced psychosis more than women. When it comes to psychosis symptoms, then the ratio between men and women is 2:1. Psychosis is an uncommon phenomenon among cannabis consumers, and numerous researchers are as still making conversation whether or not it is genuine. On the basis of a recent research, it appears to have a genetic segment.

  1. Affect on Women’s menstruation cycle

As per a research done by Washington State University women who are ovulating – the time their estrogen has crested and starts to fall – appear to be essentially more affected to THC than expected, affecting them to feel much more relaxed and relief in pain than women who are not ovulating.

  1. Visuospatial memory effects

A study from 2010 found that weed might make males less forgetful than female partners. In particular, weeds seem to affect visuospatial memory in women more than men. Visuospatial memory is the thing that enables you to make maps in your mind. It encourages you to remember the locations of things and recall directions. With constant smoking, women seemed to experience more difficulty with this kind of memory than men.

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  1. Estrogen and THC

Your cycle can affect you more. A research team from Washington State University researched on a group and found that females experience the big effects from THC when estrogen has crested and is starting to fall. It occurs a day or two days before you ovulate.

  1. Libido

If low doses are taken, then weed enhances the libido of women, however high dosages have the reverse impact because of the manner by which THC influences estrogen, making women less interested in intercourse. With regards to this, if low doses are consumed than it becomes more complicated because it increases their libido after smoking. The rise in libido is much shorter if a high dose is consumed.

  1. More munchies

Weed is likely to spur hunger in males than in females. So that’s why when you smoke with a lady partner, you eat more than half of a pizza and your partner is satisfied after 2 or 3 slices.

  1. Tolerance

It is completely true that women develop tolerance faster than men, but this is not a good thing because to get the usual high they need to smoke much more. This study was conducted on mice, which demonstrated that females built up tolerance within a time of 10 days; at that point, they required a significantly higher dose of cannabis to show a reaction to the plant.

  1. Pain Relief

Because of THC’s relationship to estrogen women feel more pain relief than men. This study was also conducted on mice, shows that women feel 30% relief than men. To experience the same amount of relief men need to consume much more cannabis.



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