New Hampshire Considering Legalizing Medical Marijuana

New Hampshire Medical MarijuanaThe numbers are in favor of legalization of Medical Marijuana

In a recent poll conducted by the Public Policy Polling, 68% of New Hampshire voters believe that medical marijuana should be legalized for patients suffering from serious medical conditions. In addition, 52% of voters have said that they would be more likely to vote for a legislator who would vote for such a bill. This is just a natural continuation of the green wave that has been sweeping across the U.S. and we are more than likely to witness strong public support for the legalization of medical marijuana in the future. Basically, we like where this is going and even though cases like these don’t prove a major shift in public opinion towards medical marijuana, they are simply a confirmation of what everyone has been thinking for the last decade or so.

The bill might be made public during 2013

One of the key people in this case is Matt Simon, a legislative analyst who resides in New Hampshire. He claims that the overwhelming support for marijuana stems from the fact that people would rather see patients in need being treated with medical marijuana than fined and prosecuted. And that completely makes sense. After all, isn’t the fact that they are severely ill enough of a problem for them to handle? Do we really need to punish them and by doing so add salt to their wounds? Thankfully, the future looks a bit brighter for them.

It looks like the New Hampshire medical marijuana bill might be a hot topic in 2013 and we are wholeheartedly supporting this one as well. Judging by the recent polls, medical marijuana advocates believe the bill might get a nod of approval from the Senate. However, in New Hampshire, you never really know if things might turn south the next day. For instance, the former governor Lynch vetoed a medical marijuana bill that was passed during last sessions. Politics usually have a nasty way of telling you that it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

Marijuana no longer considered dangerous

On the upside, medical marijuana has been largely demystified in New Hampshire and the legislators are now working hard to make another bill that would allow marijuana to be taxed, which is probably the only reason it hasn’t been legalized so far. Voters are now well informed about the aspects of medical marijuana and they clearly see that it’s a much better option than hardcore painkillers. At least 70% of them believe that marijuana it’s a way better option than painkillers or alcohol.

Every reform is a painful process, whether it’s because of shifting attitudes among the people or because you never know in which direction politics will take it. However, New Hampshire has shown a clear intention on legalizing medical marijuana not only because it will be taxed but also because its residents believe that people who suffer deserve to be taken care of. We applaud this kind of attitude and we hope other states and its residents will learn from it.



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