Medical Marijuana: Maryland

medical-marijuana-marylandFor the first time in seven years, medical marijuana legislation in Maryland has been approved by a full chamber of the Maryland General Assembly. In a 35-12 vote with no discussion, the Maryland Senate yesterday passed SB 627, which would not only protect patients who use marijuana with their doctor’s approval from arrest but also allow pharmacies or dispensing centers to distribute marijuana to patients with ID cards. The bill will now move over to the House of Delegates, which has until Monday night — the end of this year’s legislative session — to pass the bill on the floor.

The Senate hearing occurred late in the session, and votes were delayed a few times to allow more time for the drafting and review of favorable amendments. As a result, this vote happened after the deadline by which bills must move from one chamber to the other.

That means approval will need to be gained in the House Rules Committee, following which it will go to the same two committees that have already heard the House companion legislation — Health and Government Operations, chaired by Del. Pete Hammen, and Judiciary, chaired by Del. Joe Vallario. These two chairmen are the only people with authority to call committee votes, which is why their links have been included.

If you have an interest in the use of medical marijuana being made legal in Maryland, it wouldn’t hurt the cause at all if you were to contact them!

Medical Marijuana State by State

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  1. In the past 25 years I have suffered with chronic back pain, Migraine Headaches and recently had to have both my knees replaced. I have nerve damage to my left leg and am in pain constantely. I know that if medical marijuana were passed in Maryland it would help me. Please pass this Law i am eagerly waiting for some pain relief.

    Ann Ramos

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am a paitent in need of medical marijuana fo the control of my low blood sugar and high blood pressure.

    Over the past ten years I have been hospitalized twice, during periods when I did not have marijuana. I had planed to move to California, because of my illness, but prefer to live in Maryland with my family. Recently I had to take a medical exam for travel overseas with the state department.

    The issue of marijuana use will come up and I really would like the doctors to examine me and verify what I know to be true. In my opinion this is a matter of life and death. I can live with marijuana but I would surely die in a very short time if I cannot get my medicine.

    I am sure there are many like me who perfer natural remidies. I have never had surgery and at fifty seven years old my body is still strong. I would like to stay that way and be able to continue to contribute to my society, nation and the world. I pray that this bill to allow the legal use of medical marijuana in Maryland is passed.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Michael J. Johnson

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