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medical-marijuana-hollandIn Holland there is a Government office specifically for Medical Marijuana: The Office of Medical Cannabis.

The Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) was created back in 2001 and is responsible for implementing the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. The department is also responsible for supervising cannabis grown for both medicinal and scientific purposes. Additionally, the OMC is the only supplier of medical marijuana to Dutch pharmacies and also has a monopoly on the import and export of the drug. The major advantage to those using cannabis for medical conditions is the fact that all medical cannabis in Holland is of a guaranteed quality due to the supervision.

I don’t speak Dutch, but the patient information looks good too.

Okay, so in terms of size, population and economy, the USA is not the same as the Netherlands. But is it beyond the realms of possibility for America – and other countries – to streamline medical marijuana policy and practice in this way?

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  1. It’s all about money… If the radical republicans somehow lose money against the people of the United States of America. They have to blast their non-apathetic opposition of not allowing these clinically ill patients that can use this medicine.. Fuck the government.

    Do whats makes you feel better. What are they to tell you what you can put in your body (e.i. Pharmaceuticals). Even if this magical plant would benefit everyone in the industrialized world. Smoke a blunt. Spread the world!

  2. Probably a good idea but I can not see it flying in the capitalist USA. The US can not agree on government health care let alone something controversial such as medical marijuana.

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